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LeapingGnome 06-24-2007 05:29 PM

Free guppy fry in Louisville
Hey everyone, I'm swimming in fry here and need to clean out my tanks before they get too big. I have at least 30 guppy fry, about 15 that are 6-7 weeks old and another 15 or so that are maybe 2 weeks old. All are very healthy, I have not lost a single fry. Some are showing colors so far, some are not. Does anyone want them for free, or know of any stores in the area that will buy guppies? I really just don't have room for them.

go9ma123 10-27-2007 02:42 AM

If you don't have room I will take them. email me.
If you are shipping... I can pay shipping ^^

eon17 10-27-2007 04:04 AM

this is half a year old!

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