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dancbw 11-21-2013 01:40 AM

Freeze Dried Blackworm Sampler Offer
We are now offering.

An assortment of 10 types, 40 cubes, (apx 15 Grams) Sampler offer.
It includes 4 Cubes each of Freeze Dried Blackworms with:

Regular Blackworms
Reg Blackworms in Loose Form
With PE Mysis
With Plankton
With Beef Heart
With Tetra Bits
With Nori & Shrimp
With Carophyll
With Spinach
With Super Beef Heart Flake Nuggets.

All for $ 11.95
Shipping included through out the USA.


For all International Destinations.

This offer is limited to one per order per Customer

Email your orders direct to Please, no PM's

For payments, We accept direct payment through PayPal to our ID of at
or with credit card through our secure site at
I'll confirm back ASAP.

California Blackworm Co.

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