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Rex Grigg 01-30-2004 01:41 AM

This link was in my latest Sgt. Grit American Courage newsletter and I just have to share it with you.

KyleT 01-30-2004 01:47 AM

Nice link Rex. It is nice to be reminded of the event that many I'm sure have let slip their mind. Also the info about the site is a pretty interesting read.


wellbiz 01-30-2004 01:55 AM

Thanks Rex... That is so true. We need never forget!


Rex Grigg 01-30-2004 03:31 AM

You are all welcome. I have to say it bought tears to my eyes. Of course it did not help that I was also in the middle of the newsletter and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

wellbiz 01-30-2004 03:39 AM

Rex, All I can say is thank you. Its guys/gals like you who make it safe for the rest of us...


2la 01-30-2004 07:42 AM

Those morning hours rank as the most surreal of my life. It's good to be reminded of that event and to reflect upon the sheer magnitude of it, impossible as it may be to fully comprehend. Good link.

George Willms 01-30-2004 11:18 AM

It is a morning I will never forget. I can still recall it all so clearly. I live in northern NJ and could see those buildings everday of my life. I worked literally acroos the river from them until the week before this happened. It is still strange to me to not see them in the skyline.

Zurp 01-30-2004 01:09 PM

Of all the things I hate, I hate not being able to live without the need for a national military force and local police.

For that day will never come when some-one doesn't want some-thing that some-one else has.

Things like this happen when people in desperation decide that there is no other way, and use twisted manipulation of religion, backed by some monetary form of wealth, to get things which were never deserved.

Work hard only for those who pay you, and you will never be poverty stricken. Work hard for those who pay IOU's and you will die hungry and poor. Work hard for those who pay nothing, and you get what you deserve.

When you play the odds, you don't WIN MORE... You LOOSE LESS!

I name all my feeder fish, "Osama", because I know they are going to suffer a painful and slow death, for the benefit of another's life.

Thank-you, to any individuals who participated in the rescue of our survivors, the recovery of our economy, the capture of Osama, the reconstruction of the innocent citizens territory where the capture took place, and for continuing support and remembrance of any losses of this nation.

Those were my brothers, my fathers, my uncles, my sisters, my mothers, my aunts...
Those were Americans, that was my house, this will be my life!

I don't need your oil, I don't want your poverty, I don't care if your 2000 year old way of life is failing, I will show you no mercy because I am not your god, and I will gladly go to hell for judging you...
(I will call that my sacrifice to any GOD!)

Rex Grigg 01-30-2004 05:21 PM

I always get a laugh out of reading the bumper stickers at Now mind you it's a site that sells USMC gear so almost all the bumper stickers are Marine related. But man, there are some that will make you laugh till the tears come out your eyes.

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