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tandaina 10-18-2013 04:55 PM

Mr Aqua 3 Gallon Shrimp Tank
So my Betta (The Dude, or Mr Grump Pants) got bumped out of his Fluval Spec V and has been living in a large planted vase. He quite obviously hated it. Only betta I've ever had that likes current, he's half moon so pretty small fins, swims like a champ and really likes a real tank with some moving water. Much less Grumpy Pants.

So I found a Mr. Aqua 3 gallon bow front on Amazon for cheap, grabbed an HOB filter and set it up today on the counter. One piece of driftwood, a couple rocks to hold some anubis nana, some needle leaf crypts and a java fern and he's all settled and telling me who is boss.
Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

It is a lovely little aquarium, was very affordable. Frameless, the front glass is bowed AND bevel cut, all around very nicely finished. Looks good sitting on the counter.

The light is a hallogen desk light. The plants have been under it for a couple weeks in the betta jar and seem to like it just fine. So unless they start acting stressed I'm going to keep it instead of buying yet another Finnex Ray!

Mr Grumpy Pants, now less grumpy and back to The Dude:
Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

Poor camera phone close up shot of driftwood and anubis:
Untitled by JoAndRoses, on Flickr

tandaina 10-23-2013 03:49 PM

Update: The light was a bust, got WAY too hot.

So I ordered a Finnex Might Ray 60. It arrived and has been installed. Definitely low light, but a pleasing cool shade, even with the red LEDs going. I'm curious if you all run all the LEDs, or just some? Right now I just have red and white running, not the blue.

tandaina 11-16-2013 04:33 PM

Sad day. :(

The Dude jumped, totally unexpected as he's been living in topless tanks for quite a while and never showed any interest. No clue why, but we came home from dinner to find him dried out on the counter an impressive distance from the tank. First time I've ever had a fish jump.

I've rigged a temporary top for the tank and will find a more permanent solution, and we brought home another beta, I couldn't stand seeing the empty tank in the kitchen.

The Dude was an awesome swimmer, best swimming beta I've had, he seemed like enjoy strong current. The new beta, not so much, he was obviously extremely stressed by the HOB filter, so it has been turned off as there was no way to cut it down enough.

I'd really rather not run this tank with no filtration, but don't want to stress the new guy. Any suggests for a very gentle filter for a 3 gallon tank?

CheyLillymama22 11-16-2013 05:00 PM

I'd suggest a sponge filter

tandaina 11-16-2013 05:08 PM

Having trouble finding a sponge that would actually fit in teh tank. This Mr. Aqua is the tiniest thing.

Newman 11-16-2013 05:32 PM

load the filter with sponge and put a sponge prefilter on if you want . that will slow down the current a lot.

tandaina 11-16-2013 06:56 PM

The HOB came with a large sponge attached and is PACKED with filter media, turned down as low as it can go and still quite a lot of flow. I haven't been all that happy with it to start so probably need to try something else anyway.

thebuddha 11-16-2013 07:05 PM

maybe one of those red sea nano hobs? (i think their called azoo palm filters now..?) smallest hob I know of.

What light do you have? the Fugeray-R? (the clip on one)

tandaina 11-16-2013 07:08 PM

Yeah that's the clip on Finnex 80. I like it, seems to do OK with low light plants, but any bigger thank and it wouldn't work, very small light area.

thebuddha 11-16-2013 07:10 PM


Originally Posted by tandaina (Post 4687386)
Yeah that's the clip on Finnex 80. I like it, seems to do OK with low light plants, but any bigger thank and it wouldn't work, very small light area.

Huh. I have the same light on my 3.5 gallon bowfront (truaqua) and I have been thinking that it was waay to much light, due to the fact that I have a ton of diatoms.......maybe its just my aquasoil that is giving me diatoms, and not the light after all!

tandaina 11-16-2013 07:16 PM

Weird! I'm using Aquasoil as well. This tank gets zero natural light (tucked under a kitchen cabinet). Hmmm.

peachii 11-16-2013 09:51 PM

This sponge filter is tiny and a great size for small tanks.

Sorry to hear about your betta, we have several that like current as well and they are great fun. This sponge filter doesn't seem to bother the ones that don't like current.

tandaina 11-16-2013 11:14 PM

Wow, that is tiny, thanks!

tandaina 11-21-2013 05:58 PM

The new betta has figured out that I mean food and has taken to demanding it. By flaring and dancing and getting down right spoiled.

To solve the "no lid" issue I ordered a couple BAGS of dwarf water lettuce and frogbit from a forum member. Mr Betta now has a floating mass of plants. He seems happy with this arrangement as he's built the biggest bubble nest i've ever seen in one corner of the tank. He couldn't jump out of that mess if he tried, and it'll help with keeping the water clean as well and cutting down light to the bottom which was getting some algae. pictures soon as I can.

tandaina 09-10-2014 04:35 PM

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OK so just to bring this up to date. We now live 1,700 miles from where this tank started. It is the only tank I have left. The plan is cherry shrimp. Some very generous local fish keepers shared plants with me so I've got a good start on the planting. Trying to figure out filtration for this tiny little guy.

Currently have a sponge filter in there but the bubbler motor runnign it is so loud I can't hear myself think. :\

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