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Gatekeeper 04-25-2007 11:58 AM

Petguy Central - New Store
Petguy Central located in the Village of Suffern, Rockland County, New York.

This is a Full Line Pet Store
Fresh and Salt Water Fish
Corals and invertibrates
Live Plants
Exotic Mammals
Live Bait

22 Lafayette Avenue (Route 59)
Suffern, New York 10901
Tel: 845-918-1107

Just opened up in February. The owner and staff are outstanding people. The owner is very very Knowledgeable about everything in his store and everything he intends to sell. His inventory is a bit short right now, but i blame that on his awareness of getting his tanks cycled and not delivering a bad product. I stopped in (again) yesterday and the owner (Bill), is expecting his first big shipment of inventory. He has a very nice setup, considering the store is not that big, and his plant selection, although small right now, is very healthy looking.

He is a great guy to talk to and wants to know what you are into and all of your system specs. He will not sell you something that he knows will not work for you and will always provide you with suggestions and reccomendations for your tank.

His best line to me was "if your not happy with your tank, then I am not happy with your tank".

To give you an example, I had expressed interest to him about getting rid of some of my more aggressive African Cichlids a few weeks back. He gladly told to me to bring them to him and he will give me store credit at cost (basically what he would buy them for from his supplier).

His costs are reasonable and marginal to other stores in the area.

I reccomend anyone in the area to stop in and do their part in getting this guy up and running smoothly. Even just buying a small fish or two is something.

He can also special order pretty much anything you want.


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