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Subtletanks91 09-02-2013 04:50 AM

Wtt plants bulbs etc
I have a handful of plants sitting in breeder nets and specimen container I have not been able to use and there going to waste I will throw them out in a week so I'm hoping someone will want to trade. I'm looking for shrimp. Rcs, crs, or CBS. Or blue velvets.

Some of the plants are colorata, baby aponogeton undulata(recently off my plant) some crypt undulata, some Ludwig or staurogyne, and some water sprite, java moss, maybe a 2x2 of Christmas moss, I think some wisteria.
The colorata and some of the others are a bit rough but you planted tank enthusiasts on here can make them happy, like I said I just have no use for them and they have been sitting there for about a month. Valu on this plant package for trade I would put maybe at 20$ but am willing to haggle with you on what you have to offer

I also have some t8 lights bulbs, daylight I believe. Some 12 watt screw in fluorescents as well. Two elite filters, one stingray and the other a box filter. Uhmmmm some blue bio balls freezer bag full. All of this stuff I'm pricing at 4$ for the lit bulbs they were barely used. 4$ for each filter. Bio balls at 4$ as well.

Pm me if any questions or are interested I am located in redwood city

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