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turbowagon 01-16-2007 01:42 AM

my first nano - 8 gallon finnex rimless ***NEW PICS 12/23*** now with glosso
I just set this tank up over the past few weeks.

tank specs:
8 gallon Finnex rimless glass tank
24W 7100K CF lighting
AquaClear 20 HOB filter (aka mini)
pressurized nano CO2 regulator/solenoid (Rex Grigg)
Rhinox 1000 glass diffuser
ADA aqua soil amazonia
ADA powersand special
a piece of old blackwood

lighting/dosing schedule:
9 hour photoperiod
pressurized CO2 at ~1 bubble per second synched 1 hour before lights
60% water change 1X/week
1/16 tsp epsom salt 1X/week
1/16 tsp KNO3 3X/week
~1/64 tsp KH2PO4 3X/week
~1/64 tsp K2SO4 3X/week
1 ml Flouish 3X/week (alternate days)


Foreground plants:
Elatine Triandra

Midground plants attached to driftwood:
java moss

Background plants:
Lagarosiphon madagascariensis
Ludwigia brevipes
Rotala rotundifolia
Egeria densa

Floating plants:
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides

currently about 10 black lyretail molly fry
16 RCS in the mail!

I currently also have some filler plants until the ones I want for the aquascape fill in. I really like the size of this tank. :D Now for the pics. :bounce:



Only algae so far is a little GDA on the glass and this small clump of stringy/yucky stuff (since been removed):

Full tank shot:

Storm_Rider 01-16-2007 02:14 AM

that looks really nice! except the whole yucky algae stuff

turbowagon 01-16-2007 02:27 AM

Thanks, I manually removed that gunk with my water change today... it was really only present in the roots of the hydrocotyle and a little in the java moss. Hopefully it's just new tank syndrome, and won't be an ongoing nuisance.

screename 01-16-2007 02:28 AM

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I just set up one of these finnex for my gf and yours looks awesome. I might have to pick up another one for myself!

spypet 01-16-2007 02:33 AM

very nice start, but you probably don't need a heater, unless it's in an office or home which turns the heat down to 60F overnight.

turbowagon 01-16-2007 02:36 AM

Thanks for the suggestion. I generally keep the heat at or below 60, so I should probably use it for the winter. I may remove it for the warmer months.

dufus 01-16-2007 03:02 AM

Whoa, cool.
I love that aquarium, where could i get one?
I think that would be perfect for a small RCS factory!

turbowagon 01-16-2007 03:15 AM

Occasionally they pop up on Ebay, and I haven't seen them for sale anywhere else. :(

turbowagon 02-13-2007 01:21 PM

I was initially worried that the 24W light might not be sufficient, but it's doing the job just fine! My Elatine triandra foreground has filled in nicely. :D I also have a batch of Red Cherry Shrimp in the mail for this tank!

Check out the new pics:

<Frawg> 02-13-2007 01:39 PM

Hi Joe,

Looks GREAT!

What can you tell me about the CO2 setup on this? Doesn't the CO2 degas because of the HOB filter?


Sanford, Maine

fresh_lynny 02-13-2007 01:54 PM

Your pics are great. Joe...the tank looks top notch, and that L madagascariensis is certainly happy there!

turbowagon 02-13-2007 02:03 PM

Thanks Lynn!


I have my glass diffuser near the bottom of the tank, under the HOB outflow, so as the bubbles rise, they get dispersed around the tank. As long as I keep the water level high, the surface agitation isn't very much. I imagine some of the CO2 is lost, but as long as I keep the bubble rate at about 1 bubble/sec, the CO2 levels are good (confirmed 30+ppm w/ drop checker). These 88g cartridges only last about 2 weeks for me, so I'm currently looking for an adapter so I can use the 20oz tanks, which should last around 3 months and are refillable.

<Frawg> 02-13-2007 02:31 PM

Please keep me in mind if you find that adapter. I would love to put a system like this in place.



Blacksunshine 02-13-2007 03:08 PM

You might look into a remote CO2 line like the ones they use for paintball guns. that should provide something you can work with for using the 20oz cylinders.
I have much interest in that small regulator tho. where did you find such a thing? what brand is it? where can I find one like it?

Tank loos great btw.

turbowagon 02-13-2007 03:23 PM

It's a Leland regulator I got from Rex Grigg. Very similar to the ADA nano regulator. See this thread:

I got a pin-actuating adapter for a 20oz tank. The other end has female 1/8 NPT threads. So I just need a coupler that fits the threads of the regulator (which I'm not sure of). On a related note: anyone know the size of the threads of the 88g paintball cartridges?

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