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Shadow 01-02-2007 01:54 AM

55gallon community
Once we get the 125G for the Oscars and them my mom moves her saltwater tank into the 75g [oscars tank] then Ill tank her 55g saltwater tank and use it as a 4th tank in my "apartment". Of course Ill wash it first.
I would like it to be a lower cost tank. With not as high of lighting and such.

Im looking for a colorful, less threatening community tank. As I already have a 55g Kribensis Community tank. Which the kribs obevously rule :D

Im looking to add for sure some of the cute cory cats, and maybe some rainbows or lemon tetras or cardianal tetras. Along with some type of "main" fish or a few species of fish that are some what easy to breed. Along with some type of algea eater maybe Oto's or something I do not already have.
I would like some low light nice looking plants. Any suggestions??

Also I would like to have some nice plant rich subtrate. Maybe something other then Eco Complete as I have that in the other 55G and I could see if there is a difference in them.

So in summary Im looking for:
-Some nice peaceful colorful fish
-some fish that can be breed [not livebarers?]
-Some nice ground fish [cory cats, loaches]
-A nice schooling fish
-Nice low light plants
-a good, rich subtrate

MOsborne05 01-29-2007 01:52 AM

I would suggest a pair of german blue rams or apistos, some zebra loaches, and a large school of tetras or pencilfish. Put a thin layer of peat underneath the substrate to help lower the pH. I am going to buy a bag of Lesco ProChoice Soilmaster because it is a good plant substrate, and it is much cheaper than the others. But you'd have to look to see if there are any local stores because shipping a 50# bag is pretty expensive. For plants, depending on your lighting, I would suggest some sword plants, anubias, crypts and fast growing stem plants like rotala and green hygro.

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