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gonzo.njexit9 07-23-2013 10:25 PM

24 hour--HALF PRICE SALE---Fish room sale all must go
HI ALL-this is not my fishroom but a neighbor
all contact should be directly with him.
All contact info posted.

Contact: Call Luis Morales at 732-216-4235
Where: 4 Wellington Rd, East Brunswick, NJ 08816

Make me an offer... Everything must go...

Rack: ($75 does not include aquariums)

1 Rack holds 6 - 20 gal long aquariums each ( 3 shelves for 2 - 20gal tanks each). Dimensions: 20gal tank rack is 64"Long x 12 3/8"Wide x 69" Tall. With a 20gal Long tank it's 81 3/4" Tall. You have the potential of creating another shelf on the bottom for 2 more 20gal Long tanks or to use as a storage area.

Aquariums: ($1/gal)

5 - 10 gal
1 - 15 gal
1 - 20 gal High
10 - 20gal Long
1 - 29gal
1- iron stand for 20gal High - $10

FREE Aquariums - I have several others with slate bottoms and stainless steel frames, many with some kind of crack that would have to be repaired. Take one FREE with purchase of any aquarium.

Filters & Air Pumps:

Various sponge filters, home made and commercial, some hydro sponge parts ($1-$3 depending on size and condition)
Box Filters New - $3, Used - $1
New in box Tetra water wonder decorative whisper filter for 20gal aquarium (brand new in the box) - $20
New in box Wardley Sandman Fluidized Bed Technology Filter for Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums, 3-Stage Power Filtration System for 10 - 38 Gallon Aquariums - $10
1 - 2 small air filters - $3

Marine Filters/Protein Skimmers/Fluorescent Bulbs:

New in box Supreme Skilter 250 Power Filter/Skimmer for tanks up to 55gal - $45
New Red Sea Berlin Venturi Protein Skimmer (missing Carbon air filter cup) 25-250gal - $50
New in box Fluidized bed sand filter for tanks up to 250gal - $50
Un-used new T-12 Actinic and Marine Flourescent Bulbs. $3

Other items:

Power heads - $5-10 (depending on size)
Used Brass threaded valves for $.75 each. New are $1.50 each.
Gravel & Sand - $2-$5 (depending on bag/box size/bag, limited qty)
Crushed Coral - $0.25/lb (limited qty)
Coral pieces (NOT LIVE) Small - $4, Medium - $6, Large - 8$
Aquarium decorations, PVC caves, pots, etc. - FREE
Gallon jars and slate for breeding Angelfish - FREE
TFH & FAMA Magazines
Misc small items.

55gal plastic drum - Clean Food Grade to collect Rain water or store RO water - $25

gmoses 07-23-2013 11:49 PM

thats too funny, i didnt know you know luis. he is where i got my rack from. hope your new set up goes well

Kat12 08-15-2013 11:07 PM

must resist and the lack of light for the 20 high helps with that :D

gonzo.njexit9 08-22-2013 02:04 PM

i had to for the turtle--lol

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