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Otis 11-14-2006 09:10 PM

Aquarium Swap Meet
The date and location have just been secured. The Grand Valley Aquarium Club will be holding it's 1st Swap Meet on January 13th at the Home School Building in the Grand Rapids area. We're still working out the details, so stay tuned.

esarkipato 11-16-2006 01:14 PM

Hey Tim, long time no see....

A swap meet sounds fun! How is it different than the auction?

Otis 11-16-2006 05:19 PM

At a swap meet, hobbiest/vendors can rent a sales table for $25 and sell fish,plants, equipment, etc. for whatever price they want and keep all of the money. The public is charged $3 to get in with discounts for families. This tends to bring out more high end goods that someone wouldn't want to risk selling at auction.

Hours will be from 11-3 so if you are buying, you can spend as little or as much time at the meet as you like and still have a chance to buy everything you want.

I know there will be lots of plants at this meet. It will also be open to freshwater and saltwater sellers.

tritan 11-19-2006 01:26 AM

Thanks for the tip on this. I have a few items I would like to get rid of. Had alot of fun at the auction so looking forward to the swap.

Jdinh04 11-19-2006 02:26 AM

I wish there was something like this in the Lansing area =\

tritan 11-19-2006 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by Jdinh04 (Post 333631)
I wish there was something like this in the Lansing area =\

45-50 mins from lansing, makes a nice saturday drive.

Otis 12-09-2006 01:18 PM

more swap meet info
Tables are filling up fast. If you would like to sell something you must reserve a table. You can check out the website for information on how to do this at Grand Valley Aquarium There will be lots of plants and great driftwood pieces available as well as fish of all kinds. If your looking for an extra aquarium, this will be the place for you.

We will be having our regular fish club meeting that evening as well, so this would be a great opportunity to check the club out. Internationally known speaker, Mike Schadle will be presenting a program on Central American Cichlids.

tritan 12-09-2006 01:42 PM

thanks for the heads up.

esarkipato 12-19-2006 05:56 PM

Oh man, I hope that saturday isn't filled with moving boxes for me. so DRAT busy lately!!!

Otis 12-19-2006 08:20 PM

That's one of the joys of a swap in that you can spend as little or as much time there as you would like.

It's always advisable to get there early though, not everything lasts all day long.

Rion 12-30-2006 06:58 AM

sweet, I wish I had room for more aquariums...

tritan 01-13-2007 02:17 PM

todays the day .. hope to see some of you there.:bounce:

tritan 02-24-2007 01:11 AM

scored some good plants at the swap looking forward to the next one.

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