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Glud 12-07-2002 06:54 AM


Buck, i just sent you an email where i asked what you ppm is. Well, i got another question. Is it neccesary to use a mini graval cleaner?? I live in Denmark, and we dont have a gravel cleaner at the same size as you use in your CO2 injector.

- Glud

Buck 12-07-2002 01:37 PM

Definately not bro...
I used the mini-vac as it was just a smaller cheaper version and the 1" size was easier to mount with heater clips...
The whole idea is to get CO2 bubbles in constant contact with water. The longer the CO2 is in contact with water the more CO2 content your water will have. Water flow past the bubble helps. You can use your imagination and develop something that will do the same thing with whatever materials you have available to you there.
For now you could just flip a bowl upside down and trap a bubble till you get what you want... archaic but they say it works :(

Good Luck :cool:

Glud 12-07-2002 02:13 PM


I hasnt set my tank up yet, so i got plenty of time to get the needed parts. My plan is to set the tank up right after christmas.

I just got one more question: The line from the yeast mixture goes straight in the diffuser, but where does the outline goes? To a powerhead pointing down the diffuser?

- Glud

Buck 12-07-2002 03:43 PM

The outlet line you saw went into the hole on top of powerhead outlet to get more water flow over bubble through diffuser...( not all powerheads have this feature )
it actually increased efficiency by constantly pulling water past CO2 pocket. You may think diffuser is not working until you lose your CO2 supply.

When my yeast mix slowed on production and couldnt keep up with replenishing the CO2 pocket it would completely diffuse the pocket in about 4-5 hours. (thats a lot of CO2 )
That told me that it was really doing its job because that bubble never escapes to surface so it has to be going somewhere... hehe

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