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Glud 12-05-2002 02:20 PM

Nice page.

Isn't the CO2 injector under articles a bit dangerous??? If i am correct there is a airstone on the air line going out of your yeast mixture, and if the airstone cloggs the CO2 reactor will go kaaboom, and there will be yeast mixture and smell all over the room.

- Glud

ridns 12-05-2002 03:22 PM

You are 100% correct! The more I read about this, the more nervous I get. Another argument for preasurized CO2! I hope my wife reads these things! There are several articles I've read that recommend using heavy plastic or glass bottles. I also read one where a guy had a glass one explode while it was capped up waiting for the brew to mature. He highly recommends you NEVER do that. He said he was cleaning up tiny pieces of glass for over 3 hours, some of them VERY SHARP! As you mentioned, his apartment smelled like a brewery for quite a while after.
:bounce: :angel: :hehe:

KyleT 12-05-2002 09:36 PM

:hehe: There is alwayz a risk that the air tube can become clogged. Matter of fact there is risk involved in everything. That doesn't matter though as I use gatorade bottle that bend and are very flexible and the glue on the bottle cap would probably go before the bottle would explode. I would never use a glass bottle!

I once left one of the valves to one of the bottle closed for 2 days and nothing happened. So I'm not too worried.

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