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sumer 06-21-2013 06:16 AM

Completely setup, running Vivarium for sale with inhabitants || Price down||
I made this Viv with a lot of care and love.
But unfortunately I didnt know that I could keep only 3 tanks at max in my apartment according to the rules. So.. I have to part with it.
Its a 5.5 critter cage glass tank with a steel mesh lid (I have covered the steel mesh with acrylic sheet to keep humidity in)

i've also made a water feature in the tank. So if you even forget to mist it, the water feature will take care of humidity.

Substrate- It has egg crate drainage system. I've used Josh's frog's ABG mix (ABG mix is 2 parts tree fern fiber, 1 part peat moss, 2 parts coco fiber, 1 part
charcoal, and 2 parts orchid bark. ABG mix was perfected by the Atlanta Botanical gardens of Georgia,
Atlanta. This material is capable of lasting several years if used properly. This substrate supports the
population of micro fauna while allowing plants to thrive)

On the top of ABG, I have used a mixture of ADA Amazonia new and coco peat to make planting ground.

It also has a manzanita wood.

Background- Zoo med's tree bark background and partly foam sealent BG to make a planter in the left upper corner.

Plants- I've used mostly aquatic plants like - Staurogyne repens, Hygrophylla pinnatifida, Staurogyne sp purple, Polygonum kawagoeanum, And moss carpet. The ground is completely covered in moss sheet. It looks great. In the water feature, I have a wabi kusa ball with a lot of christmas moss.
Dont worry, plants were converted to emmersed state way before planting. So, they wont melt in there. They are growing very nicely.

Light- I'm using a table lamp with a CFL bulb. If you want, I can give that also.

Inhabitants- I have 2 males and 2 females of Geosesema sp. aka Red devil crabs in there. They are very small (1.5-2") cute little crabs. They are fluorescent red. See pictures. They eat nearly everything. Commercial food, mealworms, wax worms, small crickets, fruitflies, bloodworms and what not. I've got the food at least for next 3 months. I'll give that also.

It took me maybe more than a week to make it and its running since last 10-15 days. No problem at all. Feed the crabs once daily just like your fishes.

I'm asking $160 for everything.I've spent at least $200+ in all the stuff. Its a great thing to try emmersed plants, mosses. Its small and one can easily take care of it buy giving just 2 minutes every day. No need of water change and everything.
I also have a HMPK fancy male that I can give you along with this Viv :)

In case you're wondering how did I make it, here's a journal of another Viv that I made a few months ago-

You can easily take it in your car. Nothing will mess up. Its dry.
PM me if interested. I'm at City park and West Elizabeth, Fort Collins. And yeah I'm also coming to Denver this Saturday for the Zoo. So if you're in Denver, we can meet at Denver zoo entrance in the morning 10-11 AM and you can take it from me.


Full shot. See the elevation on the right side. Actually there's a crevice beneath that elevation. I have a few PVC pipes as caves there. Lil devils hide in there.-

See the crice and one of the males peeping-

The staurogyne patch.. It has both, Saturogyne repens and Staurogyne sp purple there-

Lobelia cardinalis-

A vine-

Peeping devil-

Here's a close up-

This will give you an idea of water feature-

I really wouldn't have listed it for sale. But the university apartment people dont want me to keep it. So.. its got to go. Feel free to PM if you have any questions about it.


scotty b 06-21-2013 06:51 AM

very nice tank

sumer 06-21-2013 09:21 PM

Lowering the price to $140.
I'm also open to offers.
This needs to go guys..

Noahma 06-22-2013 03:23 AM

pretty. Wish I could keep more tanks, I am limited by the boss (my wife) lol.

Does the management know this does not contain water?

sumer 06-22-2013 03:49 AM

Yes they do. And I don't understand when it doesn't have water why are they asking me to remove it !!
It's just like a plant in a pot.

It really needs to go guys. I'm open to offers here.

assasin6547 06-22-2013 04:48 PM

Sweet tank. Unfortunately I don't have any cash. At all.

BruceF 06-22-2013 05:00 PM

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Perhaps it might be easier to have someone keep it for you.

AguaTropical 06-22-2013 06:04 PM

Dang, I wish I could pick this up! I'm just down the street from you at Sherwood and Myrtle. Unfortunately, I'm saving for a much needed new CO2 reg. :-|

beginragnarok 06-24-2013 01:22 PM

Have you spoken with local pet stores to see if any of them are willing to sell it on consignment?

AguaTropical 06-24-2013 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by beginragnarok (Post 3666121)
Have you spoken with local pet stores to see if any of them are willing to sell it on consignment?


D&G had a Betta bowl on consignment...I'm sure they would take yours on consignment!

sumer 06-24-2013 06:06 PM

Really ?
I'll talk to them then. Thanks for the great idea :)

sumer 06-27-2013 02:16 AM

No luck anywhere else. Would include plants like Syngonanthus belem, Erio parkeri, Ammania sp bonsai, blyxa japonica for your planted tank and maybe a piece of manzanita DW ?
Does that sound interesting enough ?

scotty b 06-27-2013 02:35 AM

I wish you where closer to denver

sumer 06-27-2013 02:42 AM

I can come to.. I have to visit the zoo anyway.

scotty b 06-27-2013 03:38 AM

sounds very tempting let me clear it with the misses and ill get back to you

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