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talontsiawd 06-11-2013 08:40 PM

13 Stones PT2
Most Recent Pic

This is part 2 to this journal:

Basically I am trying to follow the same ideas as the last tank but adding a few things. It will have a mixed foreground vs just HC and I am trying out Glosso as the main foreground plant instead. I may go back to HC, I have used HC many times and like it but wanted a change of pace. I may also go with belem instead which was my original goal on my first of many rock scapes.

I believe I have shot myself in the foot on all my last iterations of this by not rinsing my well used substrate. I found I got BGA really badly and every time I added just the slightest amount of new substrate, I would get another BGA outbreak. I also think I had a really high amount of organic matter which caused issues. I would have replaced the substrate but had success on another tank just bleaching it and rinsing like crazy so I hope it will do the same.

My real goal here is just to achieve my goals. I am going to try to use less light and just have a lot more TLC going on. I also plan to do my best to not let neglect get in the way.

From my last journal
Standard 20 Long (top de-rimmed)
Eheim 2215 w 2217 impeller
Aquaticlife T5HO fixture (24x4) ((overkill))
Petco stand
Coralife UV Sterilizer
Fountain pump autodoser (not setup yet)
Heater (need an inline but don't know how to plumb it in yet, stand is weird).
5lb CO2 tank
Beverage regulator w/ Fabco needle valve
GLA inline diffuser

-Micro Sword
-Dwarf Hairgrass
-HC (in small amounts)
-Plan to add Fissidens and possibly Marsilea crenata (4 leaf clover)

Starting point. Sorry, doesn't photograph well in daytime. Not totally clean. Also added some Bacter 100 for the first time without knowing it would look like that. Will get more pics soon.

talontsiawd 06-11-2013 08:46 PM

Two other angles:

talontsiawd 06-12-2013 01:32 AM

Question. I am using Bacter 100 as many people swear by it. It makes sense if you are using Aquasoil as the colors are similar. With my black substrate, will it sink under so I can maintain black or will it color my substrate? Been looking around, everyone who uses it seems to have Aquasoil.

chew 06-12-2013 05:10 AM

No idea about the bacter but good luck on the new set up

Gecko 06-12-2013 06:06 AM

As my personal opinion bacteria culture is totally unnecessary. Yes you can use but you dont need. Just put some small amount of fish food to your tank and wait for 1 wees or so... Other good way to turn your bacterias on, just use another tanks filter and filter media in your filter. Not really big process to generate that good bacterias... By the way I like your hardscape. just dont use tall plants. HC Cuba will be great.

Good luck with new baby :)

talontsiawd 06-12-2013 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Gecko (Post 3572457)
As my personal opinion bacteria culture is totally unnecessary. Yes you can use but you dont need. Just put some small amount of fish food to your tank and wait for 1 wees or so... Other good way to turn your bacterias on, just use another tanks filter and filter media in your filter. Not really big process to generate that good bacterias... By the way I like your hardscape. just dont use tall plants. HC Cuba will be great.

Good luck with new baby :)

Oh, I am not at all convinced about the Bacter 100 at all but more than a few people swear by it so I am giving it a shot. Many believe that more benificial bacteria helps with algae which is going to be one of my tests.

I am using mostly Glosso for the foreground as I have done HC many times but if I don't like it, I will likely switch to HC or Belem. I actually wanted to do belem but I can never find it when I am starting a new tank.

synaethetic 06-12-2013 07:40 PM

Glosso is a weed! In my experience it is far easier and quicker to grow than HC. It will do good as a fast grower in your set-up to out compete any algae this time.

talontsiawd 06-17-2013 01:32 AM

Not much of an update in terms of pictures. I think my light is a bit too high. I posted a picture to show the height. On my last tank (plagued with algae), it was half way between where it is and the tank. I am planning to lower it slowly but I will probably add 2 hours to the photoperiod first. I did trim the glosso as many similar plants can start to carpet better after a trim with no other changes, right now most is growing upwards.

On the plus side, their is growth though probably not to noticeable in the pics, especially after I trimmed here and their a bit. More importantly, no algae. Way better than my last try.

Some pics:

talontsiawd 06-27-2013 01:25 AM

Question of the day. Why is it that every single time you take a trip longer than a few days, your CO2 always runs out?

I will clean soon and update. Just some GDA that I can get off with my fingers, nothing serious.

talontsiawd 06-27-2013 02:44 AM

Now for the real update. Growth is pretty good. As said in last post, the GDA wasn't hard to get off. No signs of other algae.

Oddly enough, my HC would not carpet on my last try. My light was lower as well. Though I did have algae at times, even when it was doing OK it would not carpet. It isn't carpeting as well as it could and I suspect my light can come down in time but I plan to keep things as is. On the flip side, my glosso is growing straight up. I have trimmed it 2x to try to make it carpet, again, leading my to believe my light may be too high up.

That said, I really just chose glosso since I had a bad experience with HC last few tries. If my HC continues to carpet well, I may rip out the glosso and put it in my nano.

Lastly, I am about 99% sure my last failures were due to not rinsing my substrate. As said in my first post, I believe I had GBA that was dormant in the substrate. I also believe I had too much organic matter to compound this. Add to the equation too much light and it didn't work. This tank is likely not balanced, hard to say with the CO2 going out when I was gone for a week but I am off to a much better start with much better growth.

HC carpeting much better than glosso:

Regular pics (iphone)

talontsiawd 07-06-2013 05:06 PM

Picture update....

First off, I am having a bit of algae. It is mostly Green Slime Algae but I am getting a small amount of Blue Green Algae. I have started dosing some Bacter 100 as many other members on this board say it works well for them and it's not very bad. I may just continue to do so as I only started getting any algae once I stopped dosing. Not saying that has helped or has not but I will do a pretty unscientific experiment. I have been neglecting water changes, yesterday may have actually been my first.

I am kind of unsure what problems I may have. My glosso is not carpeting at all. I tried lowering the light which caused GDA issues but still didn't make it carpet any better. I have trimmed it as well. I am also injecting well above 30PPM of CO2 as I don't have any livestock in the tank. I raised the light back up for now to see if I continue to get GDA. I didn't get any until I lowered the light. Then I will either lower the light but take away my noon burst or just see if the HC continues to carpet well and just use HC. I only went with glosso because I thought it would be easier than HC but so far it has not been.

Lastly, I have ditched my heater as I don't plan on stocking the tank until it gets far along in the process to where I feel I have worked the kinks out. I love the ability to be able to do a 80% water change, make large adjustments to CO2, etc. It just makes life so much easier and I have learned to be patient. I know know I will have to go to an inline or make one as the tank looks so much better without a heater. Not that I didn't know that, now it's just painful to think about putting it back in.

Here are some pics, again, I really only have my phone as all my digital camera are actually worse than this. I may need to find some sort of tripod mount as buying a camera (which would only be for my tank) is not a priority to me at the moment.

talontsiawd 07-12-2013 09:36 PM

I don't know if anyone is following this still or if I should post somewhere else but I need some help here.

I am getting a whole lot of algae on the glass. Now I am starting to get some BGA too. Not sure what type of algae is on the substrate, it looks black but is not BGA or BBA. I am not sure if I am getting Green Dust Algae, I think it's called Green Slim Algae.

Further more, my HC is starting to melt in places but is carpeting where it is not melting. However, my glosso is really leggy and growing super tall. Some of it is like 5-6 inches tall. I put some R. Butterfly in, mostly to see what color it is and it's not terrible but it is not coloring up.

I have been raising the light and that doesn't seem to help with the algae. On the flipside, again, my plants are not really healthy either. When I drop the light, the algae gets worse, and comes more quickly after cleaning.

I am doing standard EI dosing, have been experimenting doing more, often double with no noticeable changes for good or for worse.

One thing I am doing is blasting CO2. No live stock so I know I am well over 30 PPM. Can too much CO2 be a bad thing? My only theory is that the plants are getting so much CO2 that nutrients have become limiting. Or I just suck at high tech, especially without stems. One or the other, maybe both haha.

Sorry, this tank is super frustrating. I am thinking of switching back to my T5NO Coralife fixture at this point. Just hoping to figure this out.

du3ce 07-12-2013 09:42 PM

bump down your co2 and reduce your lights to 2 bulbs

talontsiawd 07-12-2013 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by du3ce (Post 3810361)
bump down your co2 and reduce your lights to 2 bulbs

I have been bumping down my CO2 and will skip the noon burst to keep it at 2 bulbs.

walluby 07-12-2013 10:40 PM

I like the rock placement. You should have an odd
number. Also. If the small brown rock in the middle
leaning towards the big rock on the left were twice
the size, it would come off as the sister rock to
the larger one. Which would be more in line with

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