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CherylRogers 09-21-2006 04:00 PM

2006 AGA Convention in San Francisco Nov 10 - 12
Greetings from the Aquatic Gardeners Association!

Less than two months remain until our big AGA convention in San Francisco the weekend of November 10th, and less than a month is left to book your hotel room!

You may have heard some details of the convention already: We've got seven great speakers on topics ranging from basics to heady science, from aquascaping to invertebrates. We've got a big banquet on Saturday night
featuring the first ever "Iron Aquascaper" challenge, where contestants will have to improvise an aquascape on the spot. There's also a hospitality suite that will be open every night to hang around and talk shop with other planted aquarium hobbyists, and a vendor room where you can visit some of the manufacturers.

All day Sunday we hold the aquatic plant auction! If the auction is anything like its two predecessors, it will be the largest auction of its kind in the US this year! We're already starting to get word from the manufacturers who will be sending us donations...and not just "ho hum" aquarium stuff either! One of the largest growers of aquarium plants in the US is sending a big shipment JUST FOR OUR AUCTION. Online e-tailers dealing in specialized, more esoteric plants, high-quality lighting and filtration have also committed.

And just this week, Ray "Kingfish" Lucas has agreed to bring and auction dry goods from his cadre of sponsors, including a 46-gallon bowfront aquarium. At a lot of conventions, the aquarium is sitting there on display with very little hope of being crammed into your luggage on the plane. But this year, there will be a magic envelope that turns itself into an aquarium at your local fish store. :lol:

Anyone can come by and bid in the auction on Sunday (tell your friends in the Bay Area). But registered convention attendees may also BRING plants and plant-related items to sell! The split is a generous 70% for the seller. You must be an AGA member to attend the talks, but your $20 dues also buys you a subscription to our 44-page full-color quarterly journal, "The Aquatic Gardener."

Sound interesting? Visit our convention website at AGA: Annual Convention for more details, including registration information. Or, download a trifold brochure here:

Please help us spread the word about the convention by printing flyers and/or bookmarks and taking them to your local fish store or local club meeting:

Cheryl Rogers
AGA Membership Chair/TAG Senior Editor/DFWAPC Secretary

JenThePlantGeek 09-21-2006 04:15 PM

Cheryl - I'm looking forward to this SO MUCH! I'm going to be showing up Thursday, exploring the city and the LFSs, and then going on the field trip to the aquarium Friday + the rest of the convention! This is going to be awesome!

::happy dance::

CherylRogers 09-21-2006 04:20 PM

AND it looks like the field trip is now full. Whew! See you there!


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