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DebbyS 08-30-2006 01:11 AM

Albuquerque here!
I bought an Eclipse System 6 almost exactly 3 weeks ago (noon Wednesday Aug 9), planted it (100% anarchis, then later some other celery-leave-like plant), put in rocks (mostly jasper, petrified wood and some quartz crystal atop regular gravel), water (britta filtered, then a week later started adding Prime for my water changes). 48 hours later (1pm Friday) I added 4 Head & Tail Light Tetras . One died 60 hours later (actually it acted like it was dieing, so out it went...). Snails came on the plants. Ammonia down to zero by about the 19th, nitrite down to very low by the morning of 8/28, so I bought another H&T (can't argue with success... and they're cute). All seems to be going well. The last time I had fish was in the mid 1960s. I'm no expert (yet) but I'm having a bit of fun. Better to watch the fish than TV (since the Daily Show and Colbert Report are on vacation at this time ;)

rrguymon 08-30-2006 06:06 PM

Welcome I live in ABQ too. Nice to see some one else with a Planted tank


intermediate_noob 09-27-2007 11:27 AM

Another Albuquerquian here as well. You guys ever interested in bringing in a shipment of Fish, Plants, or even Fish Food and sharing the shipping?

Also, I posted this in the other thread, but if you guys need anything I am always willing to help out a fellow aquarist, let me know. Have a good one!

DebbyS 09-28-2007 04:49 PM

That's a nice offer, IN! I'm probably optimum with my three small tanks (6 and 10 gallon, and a little starter about 1 gallon)... but I'm always telling myself I can use more plants :) I splurged at Dr. Foster 2-3 months ago and am well stocked with food (for fish and plants) and prime. My 6G has 5 H&Ts (who love me madly), and my 10G has 11 fish (3 pygmy cories, 4 Glowlights & 4 Black neons), thus my reason for thinking I'm at optimum for livestock. Plants come & go, though, and since I'm a frustrated gardener (tucking things here & there into my apartment complex's landscape -- and that's full up now that Fall is here), I'd like to play with more plants. I live Downtown, near 6th and Lead and travel on Suntran. We should start a club :) ("Duke City Fish Fanciers"?) Meet at The Aquarium maybe... or in Clark's back room (if they have one)...

DebbyS 09-28-2007 04:58 PM

Oh! Amigos de Aquariums ;)

intermediate_noob 09-30-2007 04:07 AM

I like the name!

Where did you get your fish? I have never seen any pygmy cories here in town, but would like to get some for my shrimp tank.

You sound like me with splurging at Dr Fosters and Smith! I just got my shipment last week because they were having their red tag sale.

Also, has free shipping ever once in awhile. I got some 72" VHO Bulbs for my 135 with free shipping! Gotta love that. The tank was a reef tank before I bought it so the guy had a really awesome light setup. Too bad my fish eat all my plants now so I cannot get anything to grow that quickly!

Anyway, the offer still stands. Money is tight this time of year for me and the fam but I am always willing to chip in to help out a fellow enthusiast!

- Chris

DebbyS 10-01-2007 02:51 PM

I've gotten all my fish to date at the Clark's on Lomas. The Pygmys are usually in a tank in the set of tanks to the immediate west/right of the "easy beginner fish" wall (i.e., mostly tetras). I've had a total of five Pygmys from them (all bought early last fall), and three remain in apparent happy good health. Clark's do mark their tanks, but because the cories are tiny (my biggest being a touch over .5"), you may really have to look hard to see them on the bottom, blending in. You might call first to see if they are available. I can't recall exactly, but I believe they were $3 to $5 each.

edited to add that if you visit Aquaria Central, my avatar is a lucky shot of my three cories, and my name there is the same as it is here, DebbyS.

I splurged at DF&S before the red tag sale, drat... but I got things that Clark's doesn't have sometimes (Kent's freshwater plant fertilizer, though I did get my first bottle at Clark's), and now I have enough food/fertilizer/prime for the coming winter :)

I went looking/surfing for bulbs for my 20" Coralife aqualight and wound up buying some from an outfit in Florida, the name of which I have at home but not here at work. They were very helpful, especially after I misunderstood the real size of the bulbs (about 8"), not 20" (If I'd just looked, I would have had less problems...). I'll find the name and mention it here since they sell other things, too.

What plant-eating fish do you have? My fish (all tetras except the cories) I think are carnivores for the most part so don't bother the plants, though I swear one time I saw a tetra bump into a water sprite and it looked like he/she had take a little bite, maybe just out of curiosity.

intermediate_noob 10-02-2007 01:09 AM

I definitely need to go over to Clark's and check out their cories. They had a large Ancistrus sp. pleco over there that was awesome but they wanted way to much. That is my one problem with Clark's is that their prices are not great and their fish quality is fair to marginal. I have had really back luck with the one on Menaul because I do not "wait" and let the fish stay at Clark's for a week or two before I get them.

My only purchase was 15 Red/Blue Columbian Tetras (Hyphessobrycon columbianus) from the one on Lomas and ALL of these fish are alive and kicking almost 8 months later. Except for one that got crushed under a rock while I was trying to move them from quarantine. :(

In my 135 I have a large Green Severum (over 7 inches), two juvenile sp. "Rotkeil" Severums, 6 Geophagus sp. "Bahia Red" (about 4 inches each), the now 14 Columbian Tetras, 3 L200 Plecos and 3 L134 Plecos. Because this was my first planted tank I went nuts and purchase a huge "package" from when I got the money and it was great. Then my fish started to pick at them. Now, out of 10 species of plants I have one Species of swords (4 of them), Jungle Vals, and Java fern. All of which stay pruned because the severums eat at them. Oh, and i do have two Gourami's in the tank that were residents of a 55 that we turned into a community tank. They are messing my "South American Biotope" so I will be moving them soon.

This tank has been setup for more than a year and has taken me that long to get all the fish I wanted into the tank. I am traveling this week on business and when I last left my fish had begun to "flash" and I hope that I am not having an Ich outbreak.

Anyway, sorry for the novel...sometimes get a little carried away.

amjacobson 11-30-2007 06:41 AM

Anyone interested in setting up an Albuquerque freshwater aquarium club?
Perhaps with an emphasis on planted aquariums? I moved from Seattle and really enjoyed the local club there, learned sooo much. We had speakers every month, traded fish and plants, had a plant auction once a year and an equipment/fish auction once a year.

intermediate_noob 11-30-2007 12:15 PM

Would love to setup a club here in town for nothing more than to swap information. Sometimes it is so much easier to say, "What is that and how do I fix it." I find that no matter what the experience level of the hobbyist, if they are truly wanting to learn, you will always benefit from one another.

PM me if you all need anything...don't have much but always willing to share.

- chris

DebbyS 12-17-2007 06:46 PM

I regret it's been a while since I checked out this part of the forum. I can only blame work being crazy and then, when I'm home, I'm on dial up and too lazy to wait :)

Clark's quality. I think they're nice and knowledgeable, but it's difficult for me to get anywhere else to compare, though I recently discovered that after a long bus ride, it's only a 3-4 block walk to the PetSmart way up on Eubank north of Central. I don't think I'd buy fish there, though they might be fine; it's way too far to transport a fish home on the bus. Ditto for the PetCo on North San Mateo -- too far.

I did discover several months ago that I had gotten a free fish from Clark's. I had gone in for plants, which they don't get often enough due to lack of space for even a small order, so it was suggested I might want some hornwort from one of the tanks with fish in it. I was looking to plant a home-made nano (as an indoor garden), and hornwort was better than nothing, so I asked for a good handfull which I'd split between 3 tanks (a 6G, a 10G and the nano).

I got the nano going with a (get this) GE Aquarium/Plant light. Strangely, +3 months later, the plants are doing just fine under that odd 18" light. But a day or two after putting the hornwort in with some anubias and java fern, I noticed a tiny speck moving around in the nano. How I saw it, I don't know, I was at least 4 feet away. The speck was a teeny/tiny fish, for whom I had to get a heater and a nano-sized filter (the things we do for specks of life!).

The speck is now +1/2" long and was transfered 10 days ago to the 10G, where he/she is having a blast with huge fish like glowlights and black neons to get chased by (but fortunately he/she is smarter than them). Someday I'll write an essay about Lucky Buddy Phrie (LBP).

Here's the complaint about the Clark's. I checked the tank the fish-lette came from and it was labeled "Giant Dwarf Gourami." The largest of the fish was about 2" long, and they were all a sparkly brassy... but otherwise kind of plain brown/tan. This is why for a while I thought LBP might be a Head & Tail Light (without the "lights" yet) since I had gotten water from those five fishes' 6G tank and maybe they had an egg or two that had survived being eaten and... But no, I think not. I've written Clark's about helping with a better ID, but a week later they have yet to answer. I just don't want LBP to turn out to be a behemouth; I'd have to take him/her back...

And I'd LOVE to be part of a Albuquerque freshwater club with the caveatte that meetings can't be in my small apartment downtown, and while I could probably get to a meeting okay, I'd have to leave early to catch a bus home.

adimeatatime 07-31-2008 01:19 AM

Hi DebbyS - What did your fish end up being?

How are everyone's tanks doing? I live just south of Albuquerque and have mostly shrimp tanks and a couple others that are planted.


intermediate_noob 07-31-2008 02:40 AM

Hey there Pat! Always good to hear from a fellow New Mexican Aquarist! What types of shrimp do you currently have?

DebbyS 08-17-2008 07:11 PM

Sorry I haven't checked out this part of the board for a while. The last few times I did, there was only my last post. Today -- more New Mexicans chatting!

Pat, my tiny fry, now known as Lucky Buddy Fry, turned out to be a male Australian Rainbow. He went from being no bigger than "o" (not including tail) and hard to see to easily 2", so I did something right and I'm proud of raising him to a strapping young teenager without actually being prepared for him. A fish his size costs $8.99 at Clark's "on sale".

I put him in my 10G tank when he was at 1/2" and he started enjoying himself immediately. He's turned into quite a little pig, eating anything that I drop onto the surface and recognizing me and the chance for more food when I approach. Sometimes I fear for the 4 black neons originally in the tank but they are getting enough food with no one appearing to starve.

Because I'd like to have more tetras and pygmy catfish, but think I'm at optimum stocking right now (one Australian Rainbow, 4 Black Neons, 2 pygmy catfish),
I'm thinking seriously that I need to find Lucky Buddy Fry a new home. Here he won't get anything bigger than the 10G, and though he has fun navigating through all the plants and he's healthy as a race horse and doesn't know any better, I think he'd thrive in a bigger environment.

I'd happily give him away to a good home (that home would have to be fully described), though his new parent(s) would need to come get him and bring a big net, too :) I'm not certain how I would catch him, but some preplanning (lowering the water level, cordoning off areas of the tank, etc.) will probably mean success, tricking him into a net or a jar perhaps, using against him his penchant for darting to the surface (but not out of the tank ever so far) to grab food.

If you or any reader knows of anyone with at least a 20G tank and in need of a 2" fish approxiately 10 months old and full of character, a person with transportation or who lives in the Downtown Albuquerque area, we should chat :)

Oh, and since I last wrote here, I set up a 2.5G tank just for plants, but it looked so nice that I found a homesteader for it at Walmart, a common red betta named Bob, who is as far as I can tell quite happy. Walmart beats Clark's at Bettas at least.

mybrotherdarrell 01-07-2009 07:27 PM

Moving to New Mexico
Hello all! I live in Denver right now - my fiance just got a job down in ABQ so we're making the move soon. (hopefully my the middle of January)

I have some plants that I am of course willing to share (java fern and moss, jungle val, two crypts (one is tall, narrow and green, the other is short wide and brown), hairgrass and sunset hygro) - but if you guys have anything specific you want me to poke around up here for, I'd be happy to bring it down - it's only a 6.5 hr ride - too much for fish I think, but fine for plants.

Also, I am very interested in joining or starting a planted tank club. I think that would be fun and very helpful.

I will be setting up a 50g+, 20g, and 10g down there. So, if anyone is restocking their tank or had some babies - let me know. I'll be needing a lot of fish, and from what you have written, it sounds like there isn't a heck of a lot of choice as far as stores go. (I've been so spoiled - three really great local store within 25 minutes of me here in Denver).

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