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George Willms 12-09-2003 09:21 PM

George's 29g tank New pics from 12/20/06
Just for reference, here is a pic of my tank from may 13 of 2003. So you can see where I started . Hard to believe it was not that long ago!

Here is the last pic of my tank, taken on Nov. 14 of 2003. I plan on taking another shortly. I have since gotten rid of the Tonina as it just was not growing well for me. Guess it didn't like my water too much.

Fish dude 12-09-2003 10:11 PM

That tank is one of the best i have seen on this forum i reckon, i love every aspect of it, the colours everything, it works well, do you use CO2 or ferts?

hubbahubbahehe 12-09-2003 10:12 PM

ooooooo nice tank!!!!
so the tonina didn't like your water?? mmm, what are your water parameters?

DLeDeaux 12-09-2003 10:12 PM

What do you have for lighting?

George Willms 12-09-2003 10:46 PM

Thanks everyone. If anybody has some constructive criticism I will gladly take it. Although I think I'm probably my own harshest critic. :) Here are the specs and all:

Tank size: 29 gallons

CO2: pressurized

Reactor: mini-vortex

Lighting: Coralife Aqualight, 130 watts (6500k, 10,000k)

photoperiod: 1 hr@ 65watts, 11 hrs @ 130 watts, 1 hr @ 65 watts

Substrate: plain and coated gravels, laterite, volcanit mixture

Fauna: neon tetras, cardinal tetras, featherfin rainbows, celebese rainbows, brass tetras, endler's livebearers, SAE's, otos, C. pygmaeus, red cherry shrimp, japonica shrimp, snails

flora: A. nana, H. micranthemoides, C. lutea, C. wendtii, H. leucocephala, L. arcuata, L. repens, Sagitarria Subulata, E. stellata, R. indica, A. reinickii, L. aromatica, H. corymbosa, and D. Diandra (I think that's it.... :lol: )

ferts: flourish 3-4x a week, flourish iron 3-4x a week, potassium nitrate weekly at water change if needed, potassium sulfate twice a week, monopotassium phosphate twice a week

water parameters: pH: 7.0, KH 4-5, nitrates: >5 ppm, phosphate about 1.0ppm

Water changes: 50% weekly

Heater: 150 Watt Ti with external LCD

And I think that about covers it all. :lol:

Filtration: Eheim pro II 2026

Knetter 12-09-2003 10:48 PM

Holy .... that tank is awesome!!

Momotaro 12-09-2003 10:49 PM

That photo does not do George's aquarium justice. I have seen it in person and let me tell you it is super clean and absolutely gorgeous! This guy grows Eusteralis stellata like I grow Riccia!


jerseyjay 12-10-2003 12:39 AM

Mike and George,

How far are you guys from NJAS meeting spot ? Maybe we should meet up an hour or so before and check both of your tanks. I will bring the camera and take some pictures.

BTW. I was appointed to be GAP (Growers Award Program) Chairman for NJAS society. I'm looking forward seeing some movement especially from both of you guys.

Are you familiar with below link ?

George Willms 12-10-2003 12:56 AM

I'm about 5-10 minutes away in Rutherford, the next town over from where the meeting is held. Mike is probably about 20 minutes further away than that. I don't have a problem with doing that before the January meeting. Gives me some time to get it ready for pictures! :)

badmatt 12-10-2003 02:29 AM

nice ass aquarium

thats all i can say

Momotaro 12-10-2003 03:07 AM


nice butt aquarium
What is that all about???

Jay, you need to fill me in on the Growers Award. I don't know how it works. You are welcome to take photos of the aquarium. I just need to get some off to Fender here at PlantedTank first!


hubbahubbahehe 12-10-2003 05:35 AM

hahah isn't "butt" a bad connotation????

<----just as confused as you are momo

jerseyjay 12-10-2003 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by Momotaro
Jay, you need to fill me in on the Growers Award. I don't know how it works. You are welcome to take photos of the aquarium. I just need to get some off to Fender here at PlantedTank first!


Check below link.

hubbahubbahehe 12-10-2003 05:26 PM

yea that's an unbelievable tank should join NJAS.... oh man and to think you've been keeping this treasure from us for so long lol

aquaverde 12-10-2003 05:45 PM

George, gorgeous tank. New camera? Or you just getting to a point where you wanted to post pix?

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