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Max Kenji 04-06-2013 09:34 PM

BENIBACHI products 20% OFF OFFER ENDS April 14
20% OFF any items in stock!
OFFER ENDS April 14th!

Shipping and handling is $6 for First Class, $12 for Priority (some exception).
International buyer please contact for a calculated shipping quote.
For more information please visit:

Shrimp Food:
Benibachi BABY FOOD 20g -- $18.99/ea Hot
Benibachi SP Food 20g-- $22.99/eaBenibachi Kayle Tablet 30g (120 tablets) -- $19.99/eaHot
Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious 30g -- $18.99/ea

Benibachi Gold Food 30g -- $18.99/ea
Benibachi Golden Food 30g -- $19.50/ea
Benibachi Golden Mineral Food 30g -- $21.00/ea


Benibachi Crimson Bee Balls -- $36.99/ea (10balls/box)Hot
Benibachi Adsorption Charcoal Ball 300g -- $19.99/ea
Benibachi Mineral Powder 120g --$18.99/ea
Benibachi Mineral Rock 1kg - $32.99/ea
Benibachi BeeMax 30g -- $21.99/eaHot
Benibachi Bee Max 100g -- $42.99/ea
Benibachi Bee Max 1kg -- $195.99
Benibachi Bee3 30g -- $ 12.99/ea
Benibachi Fulvic Grain 30g -- $18.99/ea
Benibachi BEE STRONG 30g -- $19.99/ea
Benibachi Red Up 30g -- $26.99/ea New
Benibachi SP Max-H 30g -- $26.99/ea New
Benibachi Breeding Liquid 20ml -- $25.99/ea
Benibachi Golden Amino 100ml -- $17.99/ea
Benibachi Golden GH-UP 100ml-- $25.99 New
Benibachi Golden PH-UP 100g -- $14.99 New

Water Conditioner:
Benibachi Active Water 100ml -- $18.99/ea Hot
Benibachi Active Water 300ml -- $36.99/ea
Benibachi Active Water 2L -- $149.99/ea New
Benibachi Shrimp Emergency 100ml -- $22.99/ea
Benibachi Shrimp Emergency 300ml -- $59.99/ea
Benibachi Shrimp Emergency 2L -- $240.99/ea New
Benibachi Growth Enzyme 100ml -- $21.99/ea
Benibachi Growth Enzyme 300ml -- $55.99/ea
Benibachi Growth Enzyme 2L -- $210.99/ea New
Benibachi Ammonia and Nitrite Remover 100ml-- $21.99/ea
Benibachi Ammonia and Nitrite Remover 300ml-- $52.99/ea
Benibachi Nitrate Remover 100ml -- $19.99/ea
Benibachi Nitrate Remover 300ml -- $55.99/ea
Benibachi Black Control 100ml -- $18.99/ea Hot
Benibachi Black Control 300ml -- $45.99/ea
Benibachi Black Control 2L -- $165.99/ea New

Benibachi Planaria Zero 20g --$19.99/ea
ZERO α (3"x4")--$18.99/ea
Benibachi Sponge Prefilter -- $22.99/ea New
Benibachi Sponge Replacement NEW BR -- $16.99/ea New
Benibachi Sponge Replacement NEW BR Slim -- $10.99 New

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