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jastormont 03-31-2006 10:35 AM

4200K M/H Bulb!
I was wondering what you all thought of using Osram 150W 4200K M/H Bulbs?

I just bought one to try for only Aus $20.00 what is very cheap here compared to the usual $100.00 we have to pay for bulbs. I know it is not probably the ideal K and it does look a little yelloish but not too bad. What you all think of using this bulb with some 10,000K C/F's with in my light fitting as well?

medicineman 03-31-2006 10:47 AM

It is better if you pick the higher kelvin rate.

I also use osram MH bulb, 150W daylight. There is no rating on the package but the official local distributor shows me the catalouge and it is rated at 5600K.

This kind of bulb, like all MH will degenerate its kelvin rating over time. Mine is slightly yellow right now from its whitish original. I got mine from the local osram dealer for US$10 each (original but cheap since it is usually mass-used in lighting billboards and such).

Do combine it with 10,000K CF (even though the MH will overshadow everything with yellow hue) to make it look a bit nicer as well as making the light more even.

If you ask me if it works, yes it does to a certain extent.

jastormont 03-31-2006 08:32 PM

Well this is the actuall bulb I got.

I know that this is sold as the standard white fitting here in Australia. I am still thinking of getting another as they are so cheap compared to the others I have found and it looks quite natrual for the tank I feel. I have 3x150W M/H over my 6 Foot tank, with 4x28W C/F and 2x18W C/F (AquaOne light). I was thinking I could offset the colour with the C/F but I just wanted to make sure that the 4200K is ok for the plants.

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