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nanous 03-26-2013 03:57 AM

28g bowfront - first planted tank
Started off with a 15g, immediately upgraded to a 28g bowfront. Initially used landscaping gravel because i was too cheap to buy substrate.. far too big for an aquarium but interestingly I didn't have any problems with it. Tons of food and debris got trapped in it, but the water never tested problematic. I think the strong bio filter (oversize sponge filter plus oversize HOB) did the trick.

Got sick of all the junk in the tank and realized the plants would never grow in the big gravel. Set up the 15g again, transferred the fish into it, and rebuilt the bowfront. Used black diamond blasting media for substrate... still a cheapskate, but now one who reads the planted tank forum. Build up under the big gravel was nasty. New substrate looks much better, as does the cleaner profile.

Moved the driftwood around to expose the more interesting side and create more room in the tank. Picked up some new plants at the LFS. Planning on getting more, still planning things out. I want some tall plants along the back and right side, as well as more ground cover.

small Ghost Shrimp, 7 in the tank, several berried females

driftwood and these lillies from a local stream

kept the 15g set up as a shrimp/breeder tank. any suggestions? what to breed, substrate, etc... was thinking galaxy rasbora/CPD. pink apple snails going nuts and getting beautiful color in the small tank... i think it's because the temp is slightly lower. 70-73 rather than 75-78 in the bowfront.

More updates soon! They'll be shorter, i promise!

zombieskickass 03-26-2013 05:14 AM

Good looking tank but you might want to take out what looks to be bambo in your aquarium the leafs aren't meant to be submersed it'll start to melt after awhile.

BarbH 03-26-2013 07:05 AM

Re: 28g bowfront - first planted tank
Looking good, like the last picture of cat tv. Do agree you will want to remove the bamboo, supposed to be emersed not submersed. Look forward to seeing how this grows in.

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nanous 03-26-2013 11:23 AM

it DOES look to be bamboo. it in a plant package I got for like 3 bucks stopping through a petco to grab catfood. I actually don't like how it looks in there and don't know why I haven't taken it out already.

It has been in the tank since september, if it were bamboo shouldn't it have melted already?

nanous 03-26-2013 11:56 AM

-28g bowfront
-170gph powerhead w/ lustar sponge
-evo quad light:

Price is right on that light... did some reading on forums before purchase, and I like it. Build is solid, lights are bright. Definitely appreciate the double strip for my wide tank.

I read mixed opinions about the bright whites / actinics for plants. They made my plants grow like crazy in huge gravel. In the new sand plants have roots extending to the bottom of the tank in less than one week. The actinics do cause algea, if i leave them on overnight I can see it in the morning.


-5x harlequin rasbora
-3x red eye tetra
-2x cories
-1 german blue ram, female
-1 dwarf puffer
-1 half beak
-1 bushynose pleco
-1 montezuma swordtail

Bought the tetra first after cycling the tank. They're nice and big now, but itching for something else more attractive.

The montezuma came in a pair that I thought might reproduce easily. They did not, and the female died suddenly after a few months. Not sure why, no problems with the water. Story is the same with the rams, male also died suddenly. I think this is common with GBRs. A friend bought me 7 CRS as a gift, and the male GBR promptly ate them all and then dropped dead. It was like watching him suck up 5 dollar bills. Ouch. They had one batch of eggs, but ate 'em up with some bacon after a few days. I've been thinking about getting another male, but the female is 3x the size now of the young rams in the LFS.

Love the half beak. Cheap buy on a whim, but he stays at the very top of the water column and is great to look at from the top and sides. When he dives down he really shines under the bright white lights.

Puffer is a punk. Never see him eat but he has got himself nice and fat, and hides every time i come near the tank. He's not personable, none of that eating out of your fingers stuff you see with spotted greens.

Bushynose does his thing. Wondering if he is a bushynose, seems more brown and less black/white spotted, and shows no sign of a bushy nose. Could be a female? What a great fish.

Cories are for lovers.

Thinking seriously about picking up a school of galaxy rasbora. I like them because they look like brook trout, which I love to fish for. Will probably give the montezuma to a friend with a live bearer tank. I had a molly for a while that I also gave to this friend because he was a bully. Not into livebearers for some reason.

assasin6547 03-26-2013 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by nanous (Post 2944330)
-28g bowfront
Thinking seriously about picking up a school of galaxy rasbora. I like them because they look like brook trout, which I love to fish for. Will probably give the montezuma to a friend with a live bearer tank. I had a molly for a while that I also gave to this friend because he was a bully. Not into livebearers for some reason.

+1 on the looks like brook trout :icon_lol:

nanous 03-26-2013 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by assasin6547 (Post 2946250)
+1 on the looks like brook trout :icon_lol:

for all you fish keepers who don't lead double lives as fish killers


nanous 03-26-2013 11:18 PM

put in some work today...

in this first pic you can see the bumblebee goby i forgot to mention.

trout season

nanous 03-31-2013 12:15 PM

... who knew those CPDs would grow up so fast

nanous 04-04-2013 01:28 PM

uh oh
undergoing some trials and tribulations.

Just received an awesome plant package from Justari when I left town for a few days and asked a friend to feed the fish...

came home to a carpet of expanded omega one veggie discs, a few dead shrimp, and a ton of algae. Is it possible for shrimp to eat themselves to death?

Vacuumed as much of the food out as possible, didn't feed for two days and did a nice water change. Things are looking up. Cutting light to around 10 hours per day hoping it will clear up the algae.

Lots of my new plants are covered in algae, thinking about picking up some otos? My snails have never seemed to do the trick and my pleco is a lunk. Anyone have qualms about keeping only two otos?

nanous 04-06-2013 11:38 PM

So... picked up two otos... and two Corydoras habrosus because I couldn't resist.

A bit overstocked, but haven't had an issue with this before. My levels are always zero.

Also picked up some nutrafin plant gro to see if fertilizer helps clear out the algea. I have green spot algea on my glass and BGA on my plants. Also keeping lights off most of the day this weekend. Hopefully this helps both my plants and my algea problem!

nanous 04-12-2013 01:48 PM

some new plants from justari... seem to be getting ahold of the algea issue. Realized that my levels always being at zero is probably a problem in a planted tank so started dosing with ferts... also setting up DIY co2.

AguaTropical 04-12-2013 03:12 PM

It looks much more filled in with your new plants! That piece of DW is awesome too. Good work haha

nanous 04-24-2013 02:54 PM

Still getting hammered by BGA. Upping my ferts, added DIY co2, and cut light to basically blackout.

nanous 04-26-2013 04:23 PM

Been in "total blackout" for 2 days, BGA is hurting. Looks like it's almost cleared up. Seeing a lot of new growth on my plants. Probably a combination of ferts and beating back the algea, as well as the DIY co2.

I initially had the air intake of my powerhead spewing bubbles to give the fish oxygen, but I removed it because it was probably sapping all the co2. Anyone know the actual physics of this? Though water movement was still good (170gph), a film was appearing on the surface due to the lack of agitation. I reinstalled the HOB I was initially using in tandem with the sponge/powerhead before I rebuilt the tank with black diamond.

My snails have been suffering, and I believe it's because a lack of calcium. Their shells look brittle. Before the black diamond, I had river rocks as a substrate which probably provided a host of minerals the black diamond is not. They thrived in the tank with rocks. Therefore, when I reinstalled the HOB i took out the filter medium and threw in the river rocks. This provides some surface agitation in addition to the movement provided by the powerhead, and will hopefully correct whatever deficiency is killing my snails.

I suspect that my lack of snails is throwing my pea puffer into kill mode, as it looks like a number of my fish have bites taken out of their fins (no blackness, whiteness, or moldiness, just round bite-looking chunks out of the edges and corners). My invertebrates have mysterious disappeared too (snails/shrimp). I think the water softness and the pea puffer basically did the snails in.

Ordered a bunch of needle valves and brass parts to do a serious DIY co2 experiment:

My plan is to put a ton of solution in a large cat litter container, with a 2 liter bottle as a co2 reservoir, check valve between them. The 2 liter will have water in the bottom and an airstone to filter the co2. Between the reservoir and the diffuser will be a 60psi safety valve, 60psi gauge to measure the pressure, and then two needle valve in series, one to turn the gas on and off, the second to fine tune it. I highly doubt I will be able to produce anywhere near this pressure, or that my seals won't fail before the pop off valve is triggered. We'll find out though. My next idea is to fill a Cornelius keg with co2, and then draw it off with this same rig rather than using a tank and regulator. I have tanks and regulators, but they get used for making tasty beverages! Curious how long a pressurized keg will last... easy enough to recharge too, and no risk of failure.

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