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dancbw 03-23-2013 07:05 AM

Our Blackworm Products and More.
As most of you have seen we have been far busier then just producing our
Plain Freeze Dried Blackworms and our Freeze Dried Blackworms with Spinach.

Live California Blackworms

Frozen California Blackworms

Freeze Dried California Blackworms

California Blackworm Flakes

Blackworm/Beef Heart PRO-GRO and PRO-MORE Flake Foods

Freeze Dried California Blackworms fortified
with Andrew Soh's PRO-MORE & PRO-GROWTH.

Freeze Dried Blackworms with Carophyll Pink & Carophyll Yellow

Freeze Dried Blackworms with Super Beef Heart Flakes from Inland Empire Discus

Freeze Dried Beef Heart Mix & Frozen Beef Heart Mix

Aquatic Foods's Frozen Blood Worms

Aquatic Food's Hikari and San Francisco Bay Brand Frozen Foods

If you have any questions please feel free to call our office at 559-291-0623
or email direct to Regrettably I'm a little slower with PM's.

California Blackworm Co.

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