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Alaskan Fishface 03-15-2013 01:52 AM

Hi from Anchorage
So I've made a few posts and bought a few plants. Guess I should say Hi Ya!
My name is Sandy and I love my fish tanks. Used to have big tanks, 55 and 35 gallon. Now I have three nano tanks and a silly Betta who got moved to a big bowl to make room for other fish and shrimp. I took the Betta back to the lfs because he would bother my shrimp and just didn't fit well into any of my tanks visions, but it broke my heart seeing him in that little cup and brought him back home.
I also have a hubby, three cats and an Aussie. Life is good!

I am posting my photo's here

GMYukonon24s 03-19-2013 07:21 PM

Hi Sandy! As you can tell this is a great forum to be apart of.

Kinection 03-20-2013 04:36 AM

Welcome to the forum! I like your username, makes me giggle no matter how many times I look at it. :D

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