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Aussie Bloke 03-05-2013 12:22 AM

58 Gal Planted Tank - Australia

I have posted about myself here so check that out first. But basically I am from Australia and am going to start a planted tank with fish. In this first post I am going to list the hardware I am going with and some of the flora and fauna.

I would like to apologize if the measurements are not in your standard form but ill be trying to use Gallons instead of liters for you all, and I use inches mostly so its all good

48” x 14” x 18”. It comes with a cabinet stand and a hood. Getting the hood custom built so it’s high inside, 150mm (roughly 6”) instead of 95mm (roughly 3.75”), This will allow me to put in the light. Tank volume is roughly 220L, thats 58 US Gal.

Light Unit: GLO T5HO light unit. 2 x 54w bulbs. This I picked up off the side of the road on a council clean up, plugged it into the generator in the back of the ute just to see if it worked and it did. Came with two 14000k bulbs, but I will be replacing those. Which bulbs should I use?
Filter: Eheim 2217 Classic Canister Filter
Heater: 2 x Fluval Tronic Heater 150w
Air Pump: Havn’t chosen, can you recommend one that is very quiet?
Substrate: Have not chosen but I was thinking Seachem Fluorite Black Sand, mixed with black gravel and decorate sand all mixed together

I have all the other accessories; cleaners, test kits and the likes.

Drop us any feedback or any recommendations you can think of, cheers

nikom8992 03-05-2013 01:40 AM

as long as you have sufficient plants and surface agitation via power head or filter outflow you don't need one. i recommend getting 6700k lights the color of the bulb matters as well as the spectrum you want a lamp that peaks in the 420-475nm and 600-680nm ranges you could essentially grow plants under red and blue light but i recommend getting whites. pinks make everything in your tank glow pinkish. i think that should put you into the medium-low light range i could be wrong.

Aussie Bloke 03-05-2013 03:17 AM

Thanks for the reply mate. I was going to use the spray bar that comes with the filter, and see how that goes to start with then maybe make an investment in a bubble curtain of sorts. Yea those were the lights i was thinking 6700k, i will look into the spectrums of the lights i have looked at. So if i bought another 2 x 54w globe unit it would put it into the high light range?

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