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magicmagni 03-04-2013 04:50 PM

Rena Filstar XP4
Anyone out there recently order a Rena Filstar XP4? The ones I've set up in past years for family and friends on their fish tanks always came with a spray bar and a healthy amount of intake tubing. We always had extra pieces. They did however never give you enough bio media.

The one i just received recently only came with enough segments on the intake just maybe go halfway down the tank and there is no spray bar. I called up the supplier and they told me that since API has taken them over they don't include it any longer! That's lousy if this is true! They had a good thing going there with these filters. One of the good things going for these was that they were very complete with many options right out of the box. The price is quite reasonable so why not raise the price a modest amount if you have to and include everything for the consumer. Still a good filter, but don't like what API is doing to it if this indeed the case.

latchdan 03-04-2013 07:22 PM

WoW, that sucks. Thanks for the heads up I was thinking of ordering a xp2. I've had an xp1, but it came with everything you described but it was years ago when I ordered it.

magicmagni 03-04-2013 08:31 PM

The newer ones have different names as well. No more XP2 , 3 , 4

Its now M, L, XL if I recall correctly. Still a great filter for the price that is still worth getting imo. I'm actually replacing a nice eheim filter with the Rena I am so impressed with these filters. Great power, very easy to clean and prime and very well made. The inlet outlet was just ok in my opinion, but it was still nice to have. I'm pairing mine up with some spare eheim "install sets" that I have from older setup. They should match up nicely.

Low_t Tom 03-11-2013 07:51 AM

No Spray Bar
That is correct. There is no spray Bar included. I just setup 2 of these for my 125G and had to buy an accessory kit from Planet Rena for $50! to get flow control and spray bar.

dano1677 03-11-2013 01:45 PM

I personally believe these are still excellent filter solutions for their price. I just bought a Filstar Large, I will end up building my own spray bar I think....

Dx3Bash 03-11-2013 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by dano1677 (Post 2791786)
I personally believe these are still excellent filter solutions for their price. I just bought a Filstar Large, I will end up building my own spray bar I think....

+1 FedEx just delivered my XP3 for my 75 on Saturday. I was equally surprised and disappointed there was no spraybar, however I was upgrading my old XP1 with a spraybar :biggrin:. Only problem I was planning to replace my DiY spraybar on my Fluval 306 with the old XP1 spraybar because I like the flow control on the spraybar and then both my spraybar's would match. Oh well, it all worked out in the end.

magicmagni 03-12-2013 04:42 AM

Try using the lever on the top of the filter for flow control.

That said I think it's better to reduce volocity rather than flow if you can. You can do this by making the holes bigger on the spray bar or the outlet. This should reduce the force of the water (so fish can swim easier) but not reduce the flow. I think the more flow you can get the better always.

So the first filter I got in the mail got crushed by Fedex :confused1: Had Pet solutions overnight me another one and crossed my fingers that Fedex wouldn't break that one too!! It arrived all intact this time so I went about setting it up. Wow this is a powerful filter! This is actually replacing two filters that I had- an Eheim 2028 and a Magnum 350 on my 120 gallon tank. This is by far more powerful then both of those put together-even full of media and with an in line reactor. I am really happy with my choice.

I actually ended up not using the eheim spray bar, but I did use the inlet. I also set it up a bit different than before and it really made a notable difference. I ended putting the inlet and outlet on the side of the tank and using the included "jet output" or whatever you call it, setting it up about 3 inches below the surface and aiming it up to break up the surface film that tends to accumulate. The circulation has never been this good in that tank before. Good current to all the plant leaves etc...It actually was a bit too much for my liking though so what I did was take a Dremel tool to the outlet and open it up quite a bit. Doing this seems to have reduced the force to a degree that I think I can live with and the fish seem to be happier not fighting the current so much.

As far as noise the filter is a tad bit louder than the Eheim, but way more quiet than the magnum 350. One think I tried was replacing the impeller shaft with a ceramic one that I had from another filter. It has make a small difference in noise level and also seems to increase the flow slightly. Just spinning the impeller by hand you can feel how much smoother the ceramic shaft is compared to the original chromed metal one. Either way once the cabinet is closed I can't hear anything its so minor.

stevenjohn21 03-12-2013 04:49 AM

It does seem they have used cheaper plastic for intake/output and the hoses are shorter than when they were labelled XP. The only good thing i have noticed is that the impellar now has 2 rubber gromits on each end of the shaft which holds the impellar in place better.

magicmagni 03-12-2013 05:24 AM

They did not have that before? What did the use?

Yeah those pipes are garbage, but for what it costs what do you expect? At least the quality there where you need it..the filter itself. I think you have to buy this filter with the expectation that you will need to upgrade those parts.

stevenjohn21 03-12-2013 02:45 PM

They only had 1 rubber gromit before. I am not knocking the filter, i only have XP-3's running on my tanks and i love there ease of maintanence But it seems they have saved on parts and materials , yet the price remained the same.

sowNreap 03-25-2013 07:40 AM

In doing research about which filter I want to get came across this thread.

Since it seem these filters no longer come with the spray bar just that "goose neck" thing wouldn't that be like a jet spray coming out? Is this little 2" thing really going to circulate water good on a 75 gal tank? Can someone give me pros/cons about using this over a spray bar?

Where would you put the outlet pipe to get the best use of it? And can that goose neck thing be put into any position. I really wouldn't want that sitting out for my fish to get injured on. But what would that do to the flow?

I was just about to buy one but now not so sure about it. I should have gotten one before API took them over.

Edit: I can't seem to find the accessory pack mentioned above that has the flow control and spray bar for $50. The accessory pack that I see basically is only the inlet/outlet tubes & clips but the spray bar and flow control has to be bought separately. This is all I found:

GreenTank1 03-25-2013 07:58 AM

The outlet can be adjusted to quite a range of motion. I have mine in the corner of the tank and pointed lightly diagonally towards the front of the tank. I also have a circulation pump at the other end because there is no way it would circulate both ends of the tank. I have the XP3 (new version) and a 55gal tank, but I think you would have to do the same thing with the XP4 and a 74 gal. Either that or get two filters which might not be a bad idea anyway in case one goes down.

As a side note, I did greatly dislike the output tube as it did not have any barbs to keep the hose on tight. I had to use two hose clamps including a metal one I bought separately and it still leaked for a day. I had both clamps cranked as tight as I would dare without either ripping the tubing or cracking the plastic outlet pipe.

sowNreap 03-25-2013 08:03 AM

Ok .. thanks for that info. Actually I was looking at geting the XP3/L version. But yeah I didn't think this new thing would get both ends.

I'm currently using 2 HOB's and 2 -#3 Hydro sponge filters and probably plan on keeping them for the additional filtration. I thought the spray bar would be better for that setup than this new thingy.

sowNreap 03-25-2013 08:14 AM

And I think I found the accessory tray mentioned above that has the spraybar, outflow regulator, etc. for $60 but it's been discontinued. Now it looks like you have to buy the spraybar for $29, the regulator for $10 and whatever else you want piecemeal.

magicmagni 03-25-2013 05:21 PM

XP3 is a great size choice for that sized tank. On my 120 gallon I actually used the include jet output that comes standard with an eheim intake. I sort of set it up "ADA style" with both intake and outlet on the side of the tank. The inlet is about 2 inches from the substrate toward the back corner and the outlet sits closer to the front and is about 3 to 4 inches below the surface of the water with the nozzle aimed upward to create some surface movement without splashing. What I have observed is that water hits the other end of the tank goes down and then loops back along the bottom. I am very pleased with the results of this. Never thought I wouldn't use a spray bar, but this is working out good so far.

You may want to try this first and then add the bar later if you really think you need it. If you want a spraybar try something like this Install set and this Install set inlet

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