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aquaCulturedidiot 03-03-2013 10:19 PM

New Tank algal Bloom
Hi all,

Ive never posted anything on a forum so please excuse me if I make a fumble or two.

MY Tank:
20 gallons dimensions (450mm(w)*340mm(d)*400mm(h))ish
Aqauclear 301(new 30?)
4 24w t5 (2*day, 2*actintic)
co2- 1 b/2s
substrate planted fluval
Water parameters not sure yet.

OK, Ive just set up my first planted tank from a marine system (hence the overkill of the lights). Did a degree in aquaculture, thought the process of FW plants would be easier than SW corals (reason for the self deprecating name)

Been cycling for about 2 weeks with the aquaclear seeded from running on another cycled tank for 4 weeks.

Put plants in 5 days ago (HC, Hair grass, Banana lilly, Java moss).

4 days ago, white cloudiness (bacteria thinks I).
3 days ago, green water (unicellular algae bloom I think), slowly getting thicker.

My questions are:
a) I assume that the algal bloom is due to excess nutrients, light or co2. I am curious as I am not 'dosing'; will the resident bloom eventually die out as nitrogenous compounds are sucked out of the water column?
I ask this only because I have never worked with a system that has a nutritious substrate (the fluval)?
Will it continually add nutrients to the water column? or will it eventually decrease and give the benthic plants a chance to establish?

b) I am not worried overly much about the radioactive glow coming from my tank, but will an algal bloom prevent the other plants in the system from photosynthesizing and therefore killing them eventually?

As with my experience with recirculating saltwater setups I planned to let the algae 'run its course'(until all of the nutrients is used up). However, with the fluval as a substrate I am not sure whether it causes nutrients to diffuse into the water column?

But for the sake of the plants I am curious if I should to a water change so as to give the other plants to establish themselves.

Any assistance would be mega appreciated and also apologies for the plethora of spelling errors.


AlyeskaGirl 03-03-2013 11:41 PM

Welcome! Algae Bloom most likely caused from your tank cycling. For combating in a cycling tank you need to change enough water to keep the ammonia etc. close to zero. Too much light or too long of a photoperiod combined with a cycling tank is also a cause. This is one of these things you have to wait it out. UV Sterilizer will also take care of it. But root cause needs to be addressed.

Hope you get in under control soon. Good luck with your new planted tank.

aquaCulturedidiot 03-04-2013 06:59 AM

Thank you for your fast response!
Thank you for your help, but I have some more questions:

So do you think that the water bourne nutrients will eventually decrease (and that the fluval is not an ongoing source of water bourne nutrients)?

And do you think that a thick algal bloom will be detrimental to my plants while they are establishing themselves?

Thank you,


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