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taslixado 10-05-2003 09:40 AM


any sugestions of what shoud i change in the aquascape?


Buck 10-05-2003 11:23 AM

I wouldnt change anything in that tank.
Is that Caramine lyrata in the left hand side of the tank, if so I would maybe slip a nice dark piece of wood behind it and let the vines grow all over it.
And/Or add a nice dark colored piece of stone in front of it and just let the tank grow out. The right side looks nice and I think just a splash of color would offset all the greens. Maybe a few stems of R. wallichi or R. indica for some red hues. Not bunches but rather scattered stems to blend it all together.

The plants look very healthy, nice job :wink:

m.lemay 10-05-2003 12:00 PM

The plants are really growing in nicely. Some color would help this tank a lot. In addition to the red plants Buck specified, ludwigia repens, could look really nice, low, behind the grassy field. Ludwigia is easy to keep and very forgiveing.

Keep up the good work :)


Gomer 10-05-2003 07:35 PM

agreed. Some subtle color would be nice.
Good job :D

Braveheart 10-05-2003 07:56 PM

Even something as subtle as a few Crypt wendtii copper, or other dark leaved examples of the species.

2la 10-05-2003 09:03 PM

Whatever that foreground plant is, it looks like you took a roll of Instant Turf and unfurled across the front of the aquarium. It has a very jarring effect and, IMO, distracts from the more natural looking elements of the rest of the aquascape. What I would do is use some midground plants or rocks or driftwood to soften the transition between the foreground and the rest of the plants.

Vinlo 10-05-2003 09:19 PM

I think I am with 2la. I find it very strange how it just stops abruptly (especially at the two sides), that grass is great it just needs to transition better into it's surroundings. You could trim it back a bit from the front glass, or lower at the front to give you a little more depth, it's too in your face right now I think. Also a bit of colour would help too. Great growth and health though..

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