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Tiger 03-01-2013 05:40 AM

So Disappointed with light output in the Ray 2 30 inch daylight
I was excited when I saw that these were finally in stock after months of anticipation. I thought the 30 inch daylight Ray 2 would be the perfect replacement to the 2 30" coralife T5NO fixtures that I have on my 20L. However, this fixture is INCREDIBLY disappointing for the following reasons:

1. It really does not look very bright. Yes, I am comparing this to two coralife fixtures, but based on the PAR data that I read, the fixture should have been comparable. NOT AT ALL! This fixture is has no noticeable brightness over the coralife.

2. The lights only extend 24 inches!!! What's the point in having a 30 inch fixture if only the middle part is illuminated? The sides of the tank are incredibly dark. This is a HUGE flaw and should have been made much more clear on the website.

I have purchased several finnex lights (fugeray and Ray 2) in the past, and this is the first one that I have been disappointed with. As a dedicated Finnex customer, I feel very let down by this product, and I am surprised it was designed this way.

I was so excited for this product, but given it's poor implementation, it will be going straight back to Amazon until it is redesigned correctly.

Lowe 03-01-2013 03:00 PM

Sorry things did not work out. Much like the 16", the 30" uses the same inners as the 24": boards, leds and driver. Hence, the very small price increase you see from the 24" to 30".

Our apologies. Having only a few select boards available to us, we could have gone with two boards that are in the 16" to make the light a more even spread, however, light output would decrease as 16 LEDs would be sacrificed. To add, there would be a noticeable price increase (similar pricing to that of a 36" unit) for an inferior unit as now two boards and a bigger transformer would needed to be used. As you can see, it was not a decision made to cut corners as there is hardly a price increase from the 24" to 30". Using the same board for the 24" was simply the best available option. I do apologize it did not meet your needs. Your concern is and has been noted. Best of luck in your 30" search.

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