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Shug 03-01-2013 02:43 AM

Boost LED par 30.. too much?
I have a Boost LED par 30 all white on a 12"x12" cube tank, i really like the light.

I am growing an HC carpet (its a iwagumi style tank), tank has been set up for about 6 months now.

Things are growing great!!! The HC carpet is thick and it grows very compact, i also have 2x different kinds of rotala in the tank and they grow like weeds XD.

My problem is i grow hair algae in my HC carpet, and all i can do is use a toothbrush and comb it out like every day i have to do this or at least every three days to keep it looking decent.

I do 2x to 3x 20% water changes a week, i have 9 CPD's in the tank and i only feed once per day and it is a very light feeding.

so what is my problem? why the hair algae? I honestly think this light is too much HAHA, i get the normal green algae on the tops of my rocks closest to the light but its a natural look so i dont mind so much.

Ill admit i do not dose prolly near enuff prolly, only cause im new to dosing and was scared i might feed the algae more because i have such a little plant mass in the tank. I really never dosed my tank at all during this 6 months, only 1ml of excell daily. just started to do a little dosing.

I have NPK plus micros from PFERTZ, should i dose religiously? ohh i forgot to mention i do have pressurized c02 at 1 bubble/second, thats what kept my c02 indicator green when i had it in my tank for a few weeks.

pwolfe 03-01-2013 03:12 AM

post a pic, lets see what you're working with/against.

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