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Zurp 10-01-2003 05:19 PM

I am just starting to get back into this again, haven't done this stuff since I was a kid.

I wanted to know what your suggestions would be about connecting multiple tanks as one giant tank, Via a well sealed 2in. or 3in. hose or PVC pipe.

My idea is simple, in layout. One tank with 80% land (Vivarium) with a hose or two leading to a tank that rests lower than that. The lower tank will be a full aquarium which connects back on the other side to another vivarium with a similar setup as the first tank. The fourth tank is also between the two 80% vivariums, and is a 100% terrarium that sits slightly higher and further back than the aquarium.

Below is a sample setup. Eventually I want the two stacked tanks to be set angled into a corner of my room, while the other two align with the wall, forming a wrap around feel.

I wanted to be 56K friendly with the image.

Zurp 10-01-2003 05:33 PM

Forgot to mention the tank sizes.

- - Top Center: 30gal. Long
- - Bottom Center: 30gal. Long
- - Left / Right: 40gal. Breeders, or 40gal. Tall

I am leaning toward the Breeder tanks, because of the additional room for land and water. However, I was thinking about using the Tall aquarium tanks because this will create a better cosmetic balance, as the tanks will be closer to the same heights.

To add more balance to the height, I was going to strip the top plastic rims from the side tanks, and create a lexan spacer. While the hood that covers all of the tanks would cover about 2in. of the top / center terrarium. Likewise, the base will be flush with the bottom of the plastic trim on the side tanks, while covering 2in. of the bottom aquarium.

fishpoop 10-01-2003 06:22 PM

wow! it should work if you can cut the glass and build a stand that will avoid any incident of stress on the connecting pipes
I would love to see this project work!

Ray1214 10-01-2003 06:26 PM

The only problem I can see, is that unless you may have a problem getting to equipment since on the sides it will locked in. if you can get to the back it won't be an issue. I have a similar idea with a water fall (a 75 gal drilled out on the back and bottom) and a 55 gal (planted tank). The viv is for my dart frogs and the platned tank is for a peaceful community of tetras


Zurp 10-01-2003 08:09 PM

The only fitting I am going to take precaution on is the water fitting. Although the 3in. pipe will only be sitting within the first 3in. of water. A leak will not loose much, and any stray fish should have the chance to scoot out, or flop their way back. Any newts should be able to climb back into the drained area if they need to get out of the water.

The junction will be a standard flex hose, that will be hidden from view by the frame trimming, so a little bit of motion will not harm the connection. Where as the upper connection, to the terrarium, will be a loose fit pipe. The loose fit pipe will be secured with normal window trim foam tape, and additionally will be hidden by a rock cave entrance and the between trimming.

The gap that remains at the back side of the middle tanks, where it sits in the corner should be enough to stand in, if not, I will make it enough to stand in. Additionally, the top tank will rest 1/3 on the aquarium below, and the other half will be supported via an extension from the aquarium stand. Not directly on the aquarium rim, there will be a 1in. gap between the two, which will fit the modified 3/4in. frame that will support the above tank. Mounted directly to the 3/4in. frame will be the hinge for the aquarium lid, to provide access for feeding and cleaning.

You can see the thin gap in the last drawing, the side view. Once again, these were not the best diagrams. I have a great imagination and what I see in my head is rather difficult to interpret onto a flat image.

Zurp 10-02-2003 01:58 AM

As a starter I am going to try doing just three connected. This is going to be a long and cold winter, so progress might be slightly slow. The center piece will be the hardest, as vivariums usually are.

I purchased all the items needed for the vivarium setup. Now I am preparing the step by step tutorial. The tutorial will show how to create an island setup with full water underneath, and a simple waterfall for aeration and circulation. Give me about a week to finish the island, and then I will post the tutorial.

Shortly after that, I will start the aquarium. Then at the end of the month, when plant prices fall, I will start the terrarium. Lastly I will connect all of them. Arg, connecting them after they have been established will be the hardest part. But, I know how to do it, so no problem here. For added depth I might do something similar to "guppygal's" mirror setup. Except I will cheat and put the mirror behind the glass, not as the glass. Referring to the "Replace broken glass w/mirror" posting.

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