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boisblancboy 01-23-2006 06:36 PM

Water Sprite Questions
Hello, i am new to live plants in my tank, but would really like to start. I have a 2 - 10 gal tanks for guppies. I would like to get plants that i hear are very simple to grow, since i really don't want to do anything special just for the plants. So i hear Water Sprite and Java moss are pretty simple, which is good because i want them in my tanks for guppy fry to hide in. My first question is after buying one or however many Water sprite plants i buy, is there a way to multiply them? Also, if growing while just floating is a power filter current going to bother them? My last question would be, what would a very simple plant to grow that would carpet the bottom of my tank? Thanks for all the help!!

jgc 01-23-2006 06:52 PM

From what I understand, java moss can be used as a carpet plant in small tanks - Likewise I have seen war waged on a westeria (very simular to water sprite) to keep it pruned quite low. I have my westeria planted in filter sand w/o any problems - I also have it free floating in another tank (allong with nigas grass, I think) I is trying very hard to find something to root to in the second tank - but nothing is there. It is growing slowly, but growing (it is actually growing emergent, with is cool to me)

spdskr 01-23-2006 07:16 PM

The water sprite will repoduce on its own. It forms new plantlets on the margins of older and dying leaves. I prefer to float my water sprite, although it can also be planted. It should grow great if you float it, have relatively warm water (75+F) and plenty of nitrogen. H. difformis (wisteria), as as jgc mentioned, is a great plant also, but I would suggest using it in planted form. It will reproduce by side shoots, or you can also replant clippings. If you put a clump of java moss in the tank, make sure you spread it out, as lower sections are proned to die if they do not receive enough circulation.

notropis 01-23-2006 07:39 PM

Water sprite is very easy to grow, either in the planted form or floating. I do both in fact! I like to plant a few springs and when I am ready to trim them, I float the trimmings to add surface cover for my fish. If I want to plant more, I simply take the floater with the best root system and plant it.

I have a HOB/power filter and the current does not seem to bother the floating ws much. Mine grows well at approx. 1.8 WPG, with a not very efficient DIY CO2 (although it grew well with Excel also), and doses of Flourish and KNO3. My shrimp love it!

Good luck!

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