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Jeffkol 02-25-2013 02:58 AM

And so it begins...
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So this is a ten gallon tank. Planning on have red cherry shrimp in it at some point( either this or my 5) well let's get to it
The plants I have are bacopa Carolinia back, dwarf hairgrass in front Anubis afazelli on driftwood and java fern on driftwood as well. And I. The back of the driftwood was a tiny piece of java moss when I bought it and now it is a lot bigger than it was!
Substrate is just black sand
Hob filter
Aqueon plant food fert
And 2 10 watt bulbs that are both 6500k
And that's about it. Started about a month ago and have just added plants slower than I wanted but am just waiting for the to grow out now.
Attachment 93914
Attachment 93922
Littles bacopa I have(: and a java that just there to experiment
Attachment 93930
Anubis and yes I know it has algea on it it was a recent diatom bloom
Attachment 93938
Java fern( I think if not please tell me what it is)
Attachment 93946
Some micro sword(again I think if not please tell me)
Attachment 93954
What started out as a little spec of java moss is now a bush
Attachment 93962
DIY co2 2 bottles of mixture and 1 to get water or other stuff of out air that come out then to the tank
Attachment 93970
My ferts
And that's about it! Input is much appreciated and just remember this is my first full planted tank! Thanks for reading this!

Jeffkol 02-25-2013 10:07 PM

And so it begins...
Instead could I have CRS in it? I absolutely love the way they look!

JaysTanks 02-26-2013 12:50 AM

Start out with the cherry shrimp, CRS are so sensitive to water parameter changes, which are common in a new tank. Their not cheap either.

Jeffkol 02-26-2013 01:10 AM

And so it begins...
I have a 5g hex that I am planning on just putting moss in. I am hoping someone will donate (have no money really whatsoever) some Christmas and flame moss. Or one or the other. It would be soooo much appreciated! And then I might put some RCS in there so would I have them in both?

Jeffkol 03-11-2013 10:26 PM

And so it begins...
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Well my other DIY co2 was leaking air so I decided just to redo it and start all over. By this time my tank was overrun with hair algae! So I set up my Co2 and today when I came home.....BAM!! It was all gone! I'm guessing I found the balance in my first planted aquarium! I am beyond excited! So here are a few update pictures of the tank! Enjoy!Attachment 103162
Attachment 103170
I added this frogbit. Does anyone know how to get it to grow fast/propagate? And also how to keep it In one spot and not behind the filter intake?
Attachment 103178
Can't see very well in the picture but the bacopa is turning a light pink color.
Attachment 103186
Anubis is growing new leaves!
Attachment 103194
Java fern is doing pretty well still!
Attachment 103202
Java moss is growing pretty fast! And I'm pretty sure this is java moss but I'm not sure. Does anyone know?
Attachment 103218
Microsword is doing ok but not really carpeting yet.
Thanks for looking at my tank again!

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