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msawdey 02-21-2013 08:18 PM

black brush algae...... cant get it to go away
Did a rescape about 3 weeks ago and plants took off. Now BBA is starting to tighten its grip

Parameters: (as of this morning, 1 week since last 50%WC)
0 Ammonia, 0 Nititrs, 10pmm nitrates
WC 50% every 2 weeks.
CO2 has been spotty due to not having a filled tank and Reg issues, but back up and running as of now.
Lighting. 3x39 t5HO Glo lights.

Timing: 2x39 on for 6.5 hours 1x39 plus co2 on for 5.5 hours

Ferts 2x week EI dosing (i need to get better about this, but life happens)

Anyone see anything to really change? I know my co2 has been a bit of an issue that I am still trying to iron out, but I got levels too high the last few days as fish were gasping for air. I also run 2 small airstones into the tank for O2

Darkblade48 02-21-2013 08:44 PM

I would get the CO2 levels back to normal first (having them steady is the most important part).

Why do you have two airstones running if you are injecting CO2? If you have them running when the CO2 is being injected, you are probably losing the CO2 faster than it can be dissolved into the water column, effectively making CO2 injecting moot.

As you mentioned, your EI dosing could be a little tighter, but with your nutrient levels as they are, it might be OK.

I would keep everything as it is now (but get the CO2 levels steady), and use some glutaraldehyde (Excel, Metricide, API CO2 booster, etc) or hydrogen peroxide and spot treat the BBA affected plants and/or hardscape (hardscape can also be removed and given a bleach bath).

msawdey 02-21-2013 08:52 PM

ok.. thanks Dark. Ill kill the o2 ..... i thought that may be part of it.

karce87 02-22-2013 06:44 PM

Have the airstones run at night when co2 is off. I am currently battle BBA too but since I increase my CO2 rate, BBA is turning pink in the tank and dying. So like darkblade mentioned, get your co2 up and stable.

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