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Aemaki09 02-20-2013 02:13 AM

Advice/Suggestions on my rescaping project?
My sorority tank is getting so old. I want to re-do it to look like some of the amazing tanks I see online. I'm having a hard time figuring out where I should move things and what I should add and remove.
Any suggestions on what to move and add or remove would be absolutely amazing.
I am pretty new to plants, so I need easy low to moderate light plants that arent too costly in case I kill them.

Whats in it right now.
Manzanita Driftwood with java moss, and both regular and lace java ferns.
Anubias nana petit
rotala indica and wallichi
bacopa carolinia
2 amazon swords
frogbit and giant duckweed
1 banana plant that keeps floating everywhere
cabomba and hornwort
and 1 unknown stem plant.
(theres probably some other random plants in it)

Fish are:
7 bettas, a couple of endlers as a temp. holding, 5 cory's, and 4 ghost shrimp

I have a 15w t-8 6500k running at about 12-13hrs a day.
Aquaclear 50 filter
Dose with Seachem Flourish once a week.

What I plan to change already::
Turn it into an NPT. Soil with probably a regular tan sand cap.
Get a higher wattage light and/or another strip/lighting source
I also am considering adding CO2 to this in April, but still have to decide if it should go to one of my 10's or to this tank.
I'd also like to get some more rooted plants, but dont know which ones would look good?
I also want to add some more hardscape. Maybe some rocks or a piece of manzanita covered in moss. Not sure

Here is the tank:: Sorry for it being cloudy, I'm treating with maracyn plus so I cant help it right now. Also, that male thats floating is only in there as QT before I move him into another tank. And there are some really gravid endlers in the net, its not usually there.

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