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SNPiccolo5 11-14-2002 08:40 PM

OK, I am shopping around for a Pressurized CO2 system, and most of my info has came from here and A DIY CO2 system. I was looking at the recent post about a CO2 regulator, needle valve, solenoid valve, and bubble counter for $89.

What is a Solenoid valve, is it something that controls of the flow of CO2 to the aquarium, like an on/off switch?

What is the bubble counter for and what does it do?

Are both these parts really necessary for a pressurized CO2 system, the bubble counter and solenoid valve. I can see the use of the solenoid valve by saving CO2. Thanks for any replies!


GulfCoastAquarian 11-14-2002 08:55 PM

A solenoid is just what you said, an electronically controlled on/off switch that can be used in conjunction with a pH controller or a timer. I'll forego the solenoid and run the CO2 all the time until I can save up for a pH controller.

A bubble counter is mostly necessary in certain reactors where you can't detect the CO2 flowrate otherwise. If you're just putting an airline underneath a powerhead, or any other method where the airline is submerged and you can count bubbles, then you won't need a bubble counter, either.

Search Ebay for CO2 regulator and you'll find some killer deals. That, and a needle valve, and you're set!

Anonymous 11-14-2002 10:59 PM

OK, chances are I will not be using a solenoid and if need be I will just run an airstone at night instead. I know a solenoid would be more conservative, but the extra cost is factoring in as well. Thanks for the info!


SNPiccolo5 11-15-2002 01:00 AM

Oops, guess I wasn't logged in!


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