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Joy 02-19-2013 09:07 AM

Planted aquarium shrimps
Hi all,

I started my first planted aquarium 10 days ago. I am using ADA substrate, additives and fertilizers. And I am happy to see new growth of the plants. Now I want to add some shrimps and oto catfish for algae control and cleaning purposes. I am not going for any other fishes now. Later I will add a group of tetras.

But I have a doubt, regarding the shrimps. I am confused between Amano and Red Cherry shrimps. As I am from India, and I do not have much suppliers here. And the few, who are selling Amano, selling it at a very high price. So, I decided to go for Red Cherry, though they are not cheap as well, but they are as compared to Amanos. But I want to know, how effective they are? Will the Cherries serve my purpose?

Please give me advice, regarding these issues, and also for any other good compatible fishes. I will highly obliged all your advises, please help me out with my First planted attempt. :icon_conf :icon_conf :icon_conf


CookieM 02-19-2013 09:45 AM

Cherry is better if you look for breeding and having a large population. Amano is almost impossible (well... really complicated) to breed.

Shrimp is very good at eating waste but for algae control I suggest getting snail (Nerite snail). Oto catfish is a another way to go but they're not as effective.

So Cherry shrimp, Oto catfish, and Nerite snail is the best combination of what you're looking for.

As for fishes, I advice you DO NOT add any fishes to your shrimp tank if you want to see a growing population of shrimp. Even if the shrimp is too big for a certain fishes, they will try to nip your shrimp legs and shrimp egg/fry.

Joy 02-19-2013 10:20 AM

Thanks CookieM, that's really great info. But I doubt I will find Nerite snail here. But I will definitely try. So, you say I should go for Cherry, I was also thinking so, but stores here are saying that Amano is best for algaeS. Can you please give me info about that as well. And effective are Cherry shrimps against diff kinds of algaes.

naturelady 02-19-2013 12:38 PM

As far as I know, all shrimps will nibble on algae to some extent, but amanos do eat more algae than other shrimps. However, what shrimps are really good at is eating the extra debris in your tank - old leaves, leftover food, some bacterias that build up, etc. And by keeping those things cleaned up, they reduce the likelihood of algae.

In my experience, amanos are very greedy eaters. Sure, they do eat algae. But what they like best is to grab a piece of fish food, and sit in the corner of the tank, munching on the food they stole. So I was not as happy with them as part of my algae cleanup crew.

You will get varied advice on keeping fish with shrimp. Some people will say it is safe, some people will say it is not. What I have seen is that in a heavily and densely planted tank, you can try keeping shrimp with fish. It seems to be okay to have the shrimp and the fish in the tank together until the fish learn that the shrimp taste good. Then, no matter how many hiding places the shrimps have, the fish will hunt them out. You also increase your chances of this working by keeping very small fish. I have tetras in my tank, and they like to go after my cherry shrimp when the shrimp go swimming around the tank. Although the fish mouths are too small to fit a shrimp inside, the fish just pick at the shrimp and peck it to death. And a dead shrimp is a dead shrimp, whether it went into the fish's mouth in one piece or in many tiny pieces. So the advice "the fish is too small to fit the shrimp in its mouth" is not good.

Joy 02-19-2013 04:08 PM

Thanks for your advice...

I also heard that, Amano has a tendency to come out of the tank, if the tank is not covered. Is it the case? because I do not have a top cover. And I am thinking to go for Cherry and Amano both along with few oto catfishes. What do you say about this?

naturelady 02-20-2013 12:09 AM

Otos get along well with shrimp.

Amanos do sometimes climb out of the tank. I did not have it happen, so I cannot speak from experience. But I know enough people who have mentioned it to know it can happen. Actually, any shrimp or fish might climb or jump out of the tank. I have had a few cherry shrimp over the years that climbed out. I usually am too late and find them crispy on the floor. Some people say they are more likely to climb out if the water parameters aren't very good. I think they just climb up a cord or hose that is in the aquarium and don't realize they are out of the water until it is too late and they don't know where the water is anymore.

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