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Contrl 02-10-2013 04:24 AM

Had a STS disaster
So I get up this morning to a disaster in my STS 150 gallon tank. The maxi-jet 1200 that was set up in circulation mode via the suction cups fell off the side of the tank, evidently pointed down at the substrate and stirred everything up into a murky muddy mess.

So now I've drained the tank, and decided that since I get my plants tomorrow I'd dry start/emersed grow whatever I end up putting in there.

Well that caused another problem as the glass has lots of hard water film that really shows up when it's dry, so I run to Menards and get some muriatic acid, since vinegar did absolutely nothing.

The acid had some effect on the film, a great deal judging by the fog that filled the house (not fun), but the film is still quite noticeable:mad:

So now the tank's been refilled, re-emptied and just has wet safe-t-sorb in it waiting for plants tomorrow. Should I fertilize? I've got liquid ferts for aquarium, liquid for plants (orchid), osmocote, jobes spikes, granular etc... what's my best bet for dry start?:help:

Drewsplantednutz 02-10-2013 02:41 PM

Im no pro with ferts but I also just set up a tank with sts and know how gentle you need to be with this stuff. But im so pleased that about 6 bucks worth filled my 40g with probably too much. What I did was after I rinsed it about 15 times, I let it dry a little, added some borneowild bacter crystal and boost on top of a small layer of sts. I mixed a couple gallons of fertilized water and poured it into the tank after filling it with the sts. Hoping to "mineralize" the dry sts with ferted water. In my head it seems like a good idea.

In.a.Box 02-10-2013 06:20 PM

Sts will break down slowly.

Contrl 02-11-2013 04:43 AM

or quickly if you essentially have it in a 150 gallon blender.

It's all good, I've partially planted it with some emersed plants I got at the auction, and once I retrieve my giant tweezers from the office, I'll attempt to plant a dry-start Hydrocotyle tripartita carpet over maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the tank.

everything I bought that can be grown emersed has some of it planted emersed, some of it planted submersed,, now I just need some plant label sticks for the emersed part so I can keep everything straight.

Diana 02-14-2013 01:19 AM

I like the idea of getting started with the fertilizers.
I would make a recipe that is the same ratio and amount that the water in the tank would end up with, but just barely use any during the dry start.
So, if the goal is NO3 level of 10 ppm, then make some water with that much, and so on with all the other ferts.

Use this water to top off as needed.

STS has high cationic exchange capacity, and will be removing fertilizers from the water, and holding them ready for the plants to use.
The young plants, with the roots not yet spread through the tank will not be using much fertilizers right away.

You are pre-loading the substrate so when the plants are ready to grow the fertilizer is there, waiting for them.

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