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stevenjohn21 02-08-2013 07:52 PM

Is this GSA
Ive only had green spot algae on my glass occassionaly and never on plants, is this what is growing on my Anubia leaf ?
If it is then why is it only on this leaf and none of the others (15-20 leafs total)

fishwater 02-08-2013 08:14 PM

It sure looks like the same stuff (GSA) I had on my anubia. So I am going to say yes you have some GSA. I only had it on like 3 of 15 leaves, my guess was those 3 leaves had more direct light. Nerite snails took care of that for me. Since then I've corrected my phosphate levels and it hasn't come back.

msawdey 02-08-2013 08:55 PM

looks like GSA to me. maybe diatoms..... try reducing you photoperiod a bit if its above 6 or 7... how are your co2 levels?

stevenjohn21 02-08-2013 09:05 PM

I think that's the problem, lights on at 7am and lights off at 4pm so 9 hours total . C02 is a couple of notches under where the fish are gasping . Drop checker is close to yellow.

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