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Kinection 02-04-2013 06:02 AM

How long does FSS buffer pH?
My Fluval shrimp stratum stopped buffering the pH after 3 months, (weird). How long does it usually buffer? If it stops do CRS still breed in it (dumb question)? Should I try to get another batch or UP shrimp sand? (CRS were wiped out by my dad's fingers that touched ich removal meds) Will my fire reds die from changing from 7.2 - 6.4 pH? (acclimating again will solve problem right?) Has anyone ever successfully bred CRS in 7.2-7.6 pH? AKA inert gravel. I just want to breed CRS so they replace the future dying parents. Sorry for so many questions. :p

somewhatshocked 02-04-2013 12:49 PM

Not weird at all. Seems to be common.

The amount of buffering power in that particular substrate depends upon a lot of factors: the quality of the substrate itself (there doesn't seem to be consistency among batches), your water parameters, how much substrate you use, additives you put in the tank, et al.

It's not something experienced shrimp keepers use long term for sensitive shrimp.

Neos will be fine with FSS. Crystals? Your mileage will vary.

acitydweller 02-04-2013 01:29 PM

if your tap ph gh kh with minimal adjustment cant support CRS ideal parameters and you chose to not use an RO unit and rely on tap, i suggest skipping CRS.

Its not to say that you cant come back to them at a later date once the water parameters manipulation has been mastered but these arent a breed for starters. Certainly not recommended for tanks that cant maintain their ph below neutral.

Betta Maniac 02-04-2013 02:23 PM

It didn't buffer at all when I tried it. Looked pretty, but essentially useless IME.

wicca27 02-04-2013 04:51 PM

i got mine last feb so been about a year and still buffers from a ph of 7.4 down to 6. and i only use tap water. i dont know how much longer it will last though cause it is starting to break down a bit now as in the balls are not looking so nice and is seeing more "mud" under the top of the substrate. my crs bredd in ph of 7.4. i though the females lost their eggs so i figured i would try the fss. right before i was going to move them to the new tanks with new substrate they dropped babies. i had a few survive but i have low grade crs too S grade is the average with a few SS grade in the mix. so i think alot of it depends on where they original shrimp come from and what parameters they were kept in. i have not decided if i want to mess with new substrate or see if i can get them back to the higher ph yet since i will be moving by nov of this year

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