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Pooks73 11-10-2002 08:37 PM

hi's been a while! i have a quick question...

my plants are doing okay, but not really thriving like i would like them to, so i decided to try some root tabs to see if that will help them a bit. i've been using seachem's flourish excell with good results, but i think that my plants need more.

my question really is how many tabs do i put in, where do i put them, and how often should i replace them? i read the directions on the box, and it says to use 6 tablets in a 10 gallon tank, evenly distributed throughout the gravel. now i know that much of the time the "recommended" amount is way more than what's actually needed, so i wanted to ask all of you about it before adding them to my tanks.

so, any advice? oh, and my plant species are one anubius nana, two hedge cherrys, and numerous java ferns (they're just growing daughter plants all over the place, so i'm always ending up with more).


cousin it 11-10-2002 09:25 PM

root tabs are only of any use for plants which are root feeders like swords and crypts other plants will benifit from the addition but to a lesser extent
on your tank I would place one or two near the roots of your plants like the anubia the hedge cherry I am not familiar with do you perhaps know the latin name at all.
the java fern will take its fert from the water body so I would not use any on that

Pooks73 11-11-2002 06:25 AM

thanks for the response.

the scientific name is alternanthera ficoidea for the hedge cherry. should this plant also receive root tabs?

cousin it 11-11-2002 01:31 PM

I have done a quick search on hte latin name you gave as I have not come across it before and turned up this info
Api plant index
this plant is not a true aquatic plant so personally I would not waste any root tabs on it.
when it starts dying I would remove it from the tank and put it into a pot on a sunny window silll.
hope this helps

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