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shift 01-29-2013 02:41 AM

What to feed CPD fry?
I just spotted about 14 fry in my "breeding/shrimp" tank. What all do you feed the new mini guys? I have a micro work culture on the go but they look to be to big for the little things. any suggestions?

wicca27 01-29-2013 03:48 AM

micro worms will work belive it or not.

shift 01-29-2013 05:24 AM

perfect! they seemed to big for the mini things, but I will go with that for now. Is there anything else i should be adding in?

Rob in Puyallup 01-29-2013 05:26 AM

Re: What to feed CPD fry?
Have you tried "First Bites"?

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shift 01-29-2013 05:59 AM

I have not. Ill see if i can find some tomorrow.

dtang21 01-29-2013 06:42 AM

+1 on the Hikari First Bites. That's what I fed my baby lampeyes

Minor Threat 01-29-2013 08:38 PM

First bites may be too big if they are under 3 weeks old. I used golden pearls with much success.

shift 01-29-2013 09:25 PM

Well i found first bites, which i added a few/ I started some "green water" but it takes a good 5 days. I have also notices some little copepod on the glass so hopefully they are able to eat those tiny things for now.

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