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captainblackjack 01-29-2013 02:36 AM

hello All
the Captain here owner of Captain Blackjack's Seahorse Ranch & Fine Aquarium Supplies and also Nautilus Aquatics LLC.
We breed seahorses, do jelly tanks among other things, and are in the upper tiers of the professional aquarium trade. we also sell a line of aquarium products called Captain Blackjack's which is comparable to Rods.
I have been doing aquariums for years and am a professional in fisheries fish farms etc. I also have worked in the professional film circuit and have worked on big name projects as a special makeup fx artist as well as an assistant director. i am listed on the IMDB and well that is all about me or all that you need to know. so just saying hello and looking to share some info from time to time. if you want you can check out our websites for examples of our work and products etc. if not that is fine too and i won't be doing a lot of advertising don't worry not my style, but it does always help in introductions. If anyone has questions feel free to contact me.

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