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Steelen 01-28-2013 10:10 AM

Want to start out but so confused
Hey guys,

Its my first post been wondering around here for a month or so. Seen some amazing tanks and got some cool ideas. However I am at a loss.

Im a student, who is graduating soon, and hopefully I'll be moving overseas to move in with my fiancee who lives in Florida. I currently live in The Netherlands.
I always wanted to have a tank, I had one when I was younger, but failed big time. Bought a fish that needed piece and couldn't handle stress so it kept on dying. This one.

Now im way older (10 years or so later) I want to start all over but on a budget. And I read that starter kits usually end up with people just using the tank and throwing the rest away. And here they are pretty expensive, more so than in the US for example. Separate tanks that is.

I will be moving away this year (in 8 months) so I was thinking of a nano tank or something similar. And its going to go on my desk that barely gets any sunlight except from 11.00-13.00. I want to start out with shrimp and build from there. So that when I move I can properly run a tank with lesser issues and more experience.

I was thinking of getting this

Or maybe get and buy separate filter, heater and light. But then I wouldn't know where to look at for those items and still come out "cheap".

I set myself a budget of about 100/$135 (1.34) for just the tank stuff (including soil, plants, wood/stone).

Can you guys help me out here?

Really want to get started and do it properly.

caoder 01-28-2013 05:53 PM

Well, first make sure you understand how to cycle your tank. Given that it is your first thank you'll need to start a brand new cycle. You can use either, for a small tank less than 40 L I personally like to use a desk lamp with a daylight CFL. 13W works great for me. This is the cheapest method for providing good lighting. Look for a HOB filter as most small internal filters tend to clog quickly in my experience. With the HOB filter, look for one that either has a bio-wheel or has separated media.

I like the look of coverless tanks, but I have lost a lot of fish to jumping, so it will be up to you to decide if you would risk it.

Its probably better to wait until you move, since you seem to be moving overseas. If you still want to set something up, look in your local used market for used aquariums. they're cheap and they allow you to learn without putting in much investment.

l8nite 01-28-2013 05:58 PM

Take a look at MABJ's "confused journey" tank journal. He put together a nice little 18x6x6 tank for just under $100 I think


MABJ 03-21-2013 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by l8nite (Post 2377906)
Take a look at MABJ's "confused journey" tank journal. He put together a nice little 18x6x6 tank for just under $100 I think


Thanks for the shoutout! LOL I was shocked to see my thread mentioned.

If you have materials around, you can do things very inexpensively. I chose even more expensive options to satisfy my desire for a show tank.

Starting a shrimp tank is a great option, but I'd be very curious about your options in the netherlands. Does amazon have a netherlands option?

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