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evan 08-29-2003 06:44 PM

My nano currently has an pygmy chain sword lawn on the left and right side of the 5.5 gallon. I have a mountain shaped driftwood that goes to the surface of the water in the center with a java fern in the center on it. i have compacta sword in the back right corner. all these planted grow only to half the height of my tank except for the java fern in the center. i would really like to see my tank entirely green. are there any floating plants that can fill in the gaps in the left side and the right side? i don't want anything that will block out the light. i have about 8 watts per gallon, but the tannins are really bad, so it looks more like a 10 gallon with 15 watts off lighting. im doing daily water changes right now. i don't think i will be adding these floating fill-up gap plants until i get crystal clear color instead of this mud water. so any ideas? hope my post isn't too confusing. its hard to describe what im tryign to say. :wink:

Wasserpest 08-30-2003 12:06 AM

Water Sprite, Ceradopteris thalicroides, is a nice one to let float on the surface. The ones with the fine leaves don't block the light completely.

Besides, most aquatic plants used in tanks will reach the surface in a nano. Try a Myriophyllum or similar stem plants, they will float along the surface and look pretty interesting.

evan 08-30-2003 03:40 AM

i don't have space for any more plants. i have e-tennelus all over the substrate. no place for anything else.

Ray1214 09-02-2003 12:14 PM

What about do what I did. I used cacomba in strands, rubberbanded them to pieces of pea gravel and dropped the rocks behind a piece of driftwood to give a curtain effect on the back. However I will tell you that I started out with one piece and have pinched it back to now about 20 strands look like it is growing from the back.


evan 09-02-2003 06:42 PM

i don't have any space on the the substrate. too bad. im just going to leave it the way it is.

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