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Kosch 01-26-2013 07:13 AM

LED floods for 45g high light
Hi All,

Been trying to figure out how light this 45g tank I have. I'm wanting to get up to the lower end of the high light range. Wanting to get some carpet plants going and will be doing CO2 and PPS-PRO. I know the height being 24" is the tough part.

I was thinking of these:

[Ebay Link Removed]

In daylight spectrum of course :)

Would 2 x 20w floods cover, or will I need either 3x20w or 2x30w?

Trying to not completely break the bank as I'll likely be upgrading to a 90g near the end of the year.

Thanks in advance!


Imi Statue 01-26-2013 08:33 AM

Link from ebay was automatically removed here. perhaps if you have alink to the light elsewhere?

james1542 01-26-2013 06:30 PM

2x30w's will be better than 3x 20w all day for growing a carpet. To be sure your going to have high light at the substrate, you might need to go with 2x 30W, or 1x50w. Maybe spring for the 50w and then you can just get another one when you upgrade to the 90 gallon.

Kosch 01-26-2013 09:10 PM

Oh yeah forgot it deletes links here. Its by seller ememexit entitled " 50W 30W 20W 10W Day Warm White LED Wall Pack Wash Flood Light Lamp Garden Light". I thought I somehow found it on here somewhere originally.

I think I'll probably go with the 2x30w then, just to ensure more even coverage. I'm probably going to go with the AquaticLife 6x54w T5HO when I do my "big" upgrade, and I'll have more of a use for 2 separate 30w instead of 1 50w.

Thanks for the help folks!


RogueGeek 01-26-2013 09:29 PM

Make sure to check the color temp of the warm white LEDs. Most of the ones I saw while looking for my LED floods were in the 3000k range. I wanted 6000k+ and had to search for the cool whites to get 6000k.

Today i finished my new tank lights using the led floods. Maybe this will help you a bit. I have 4 of the cool white (6000-7000k) 10W Ebay LED Floods equally spaced across the top of my 36G tank.

I don't have a PAR meter but I do have a lux meter that outputs the lux for each of the RGB colors and a total.

At 18" depth my readings were
Red: 845 lux
Green: 729 lux
Blue: 561 lux
Total: 2120 lux

Using some of the conversion factors I've seen on various forums it looks like I'm getting a PAR of around 30. (this is only a guestimate)


Kosch 02-11-2013 07:03 PM

So I picked up 2 of the 30 watt Daylight floods. I have to say, I'm rather disappointed. On my 29 I was experimenting with 3 x 23w Spiral CFLs in the plain clip-on aluminum holders from Lowes.

The CFLs seem FAR brighter and more even. I don't have a real lux meter, but I tried the app on my phone. Even if it isn't accurate, it showed the CFLs as being a good 30% brighter.

Anyone else had that issue? Maybe they sent me the wrong lights??


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