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danielt 01-25-2013 12:36 PM

Ca:Mg ratio question
Does anyone here did some research on what exact numbers of Calcium and Magnesium are good in the planted tank?

I'm looking for numbers of concentration in PPM (mg/L would be better) of these two elements. The ratio is loosely mentioned as 3:1 or 4:1 but exact concentrations are not that widespread. Did anyone here cared to measure concentrations to determine what are considered good numbers?

I'm using RO water only in my planted tank and I can see some mysterious melts on Ammannia Gracillis and now on Pogostemon Helferi. Both are suspected to be caused by an imbalance in either ratio or concentration.

I'm adding Ca in the form of CaCl2 and CaSO4 and Magnesium as H7MgSO4. Lately I added Mg only from PPS-Pro solution but I'm testing a mineral stone for birds which is said to contain CaCO3 and CaSO4 along other trace minerals which led me to believe I messed the ratio up.

Any info is appreciated, thanks!

BruceF 01-25-2013 01:09 PM

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No idea. How’s your iron?

danielt 01-25-2013 01:13 PM

It's not a question about Iron deficiency as trace elements dosing was not changed.

happi 01-25-2013 02:36 PM

Pogostemon Helferi melted for me when hardness was low, less than 2<dgh, however most of my other plants loved the low hardness. if you really want Pogostemon Helferi to do any better i would aim for 3-5dgh.

far as Ca Mg ratio goes, i would aim for 3:1 or 4:1, most people keep Ca around 30ppm and Mg around 6-8ppm

danielt 01-25-2013 09:13 PM

Thanks! I was looking for ppm measures for each of them. My gH drip test is useless as it doesn't change colour immediately it sort of fades from a red tinge to a greenish one. My yesterday's measurement I estimate something around 6 -7 dgH

As I said, I'm adding Ca by means of a mineral stone that slowly dissolves. Mg might be missing or not enough.

The melting does not concerns me much, it's only Helferi going south, this week. Ammannia lost its top. Just one out of two stems. Which is weird. Now it bounced back and it's full of shoots. That's the reason why I want to know if anyone is looking at Ca and Mg readings or has some experience tweaking their values. Apart from these two I didn't changed anything to my dosing regime. These two are the main suspects for the weirdness I see in my tank :D

Much appreciated for your answer!

Bluek24a4 01-25-2013 09:59 PM

PPM = mg/L

I use CaCl2 as the Calcium in my GH booster and it gets my Calcium levels to about 30ppm.

danielt 01-26-2013 08:57 PM

I'll test again, last measurement from a month ago read 160ppm for Ca. Mg test I didn't have at the time.

What i know is mg/L does not equal PPM. 1PPM = 17,9 mg/L is what I read. Might be wrong though, I use mg/L.

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