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Grizzarian 01-25-2013 07:33 AM

New 40g lightly planted Goldfish tank
12 Attachment(s)
A FTS as of the 24th of Jan which is the day of planting
BeforeAttachment 73178
AfterAttachment 73106


Hay guys, just thought I would put up some pics of my new tank, I think I already made a thread somewhere but it's lost and tapatalk won't show what Iv participated it grrr

But anyways the tank, it's a 40g, triangle footprint
Lighting is 6x1w white LEDs and 2xblue but I have put a little round yellow sticker over the blues(not a fan of blue on the tank) and now it is a very nice crisp white, and then I have a 5000k 27w cfl in a desk lamp over the back
Attachment 73090Attachment 73098

I'm not running any Co2 and ferts are just some root tabs spread about in the substraight, which is just standard gravel and PFS making up the beach area

Plants are 3 Amazon Swords going down the back left sideAttachment 73130
Got a java furn that split in two when I took it out of the little potAttachment 73138
The second one is tied behind the tail wing of the plane
And some corkscrew Val which looks to be in a pretty sorry stateAttachment 73146

The only thing I need to do right away is get more gravel, there was not enough in the back and one of the swords roots are showing abit
A few more angles
Attachment 73154Attachment 73162
Attachment 73170
Just the desk lamp
Attachment 73186 love the shadows

It currently has two Fantails about 1 1/2 inch tip to tail base and a golden sucking catfish(going back to the store soon) I'm going to be adding a school of 10 white clouds and a pair of true SAE to keep things abit tidy

And to finish off a 720p video to see it properly, sorry for the focus at times I'm still getting used to the DSL I'm not game enough to put pics up yet all these are with my phone except for the movie haha

One more thing when I woke up this morning all the plants were still were I left them with no bits missing and after only about 18 hours in the tank with 7 hours light the sword with the exposed roots the roots have grown about half an inch and have taken a sharp turn straight down

Thanks for stopping by, any comments and/or concerns are welcome, I'm curious how people feel about the plane in there as a lot of people see em as a abomination hahaha

Soil 01-25-2013 07:41 AM

Uh oh, prepare for the aquatic upper class raging about that down town decoration :0 Some people cant handle this stuff

Grizzarian 01-25-2013 08:12 AM

New 40g lightly planted Goldfish tank

Originally Posted by Soil (Post 2344642)
Uh oh, prepare for the aquatic upper class raging about that down town decoration :0 Some people cant handle this stuff

Omg I had to quote this, made me laugh out loud literally, such a good way to put it hahaha

LyzzaRyzz 01-25-2013 08:29 AM

Cute little Goldie's! Love thief colors, and the way they swim!
I actually like the castles, though I wish they went with the plane..maybe get a giant dragon, and move the castles to where they are more visible, so it looks like the dragon is terrorizing the tiny castles? Just my 2 cents!
What type of wood is that? If its regular wood, it won't last as long in your tank and will degrade faster and cause major problems.
Also, your golden sucker seems to be freaking out! When fish race the glass like that, it's a pretty good sign something's off in your tank. Maybe ammonia? I know my Goldie's don't really react to any parameter change, so it's up to my test kit!
[i have four Goldie's wintering in a 45 gallon, not ideal, but with no heater, and no heat in that room, the temp in the tank is pretty cold, so their metabolism is slowed ALOT. I hardly feed them at all. Their main home is a 100 gallon pond in my backyard.]

l8nite 01-25-2013 09:57 AM

I think the plane is pretty cool, but I have a feeling if you put more plants in or as your existing ones get bigger it might get kind of lost back there. It would be pretty cool to have some plants growing up and out from inside of it though :)

blue1delta 01-25-2013 12:23 PM

the proportions are way off with the plane. Think about how big a tree that would be:icon_eek: If you are dead set on the plane maybe try to get the proportions back in line.

Whatever makes you happy:thumbsup:

tiggity 01-25-2013 03:36 PM


Originally Posted by Soil (Post 2344642)
Uh oh, prepare for the aquatic upper class raging about that down town decoration :0 Some people cant handle this stuff


zoragen 01-25-2013 04:54 PM

I kind of like the plane. A "Lost" (the t.v. show) feeling.

chibikaie 01-26-2013 12:16 AM

Hope your goldfish are kinder to your plants than mine is! Good luck :)

amajoh 01-26-2013 12:31 AM

ooh, the plane is interesting. Definitely looks like a crash on an island beach.

Grizzarian 01-26-2013 11:49 PM

New 40g lightly planted Goldfish tank
Hello, thanks everyone for the comments and concerns it's much appreciated

Ok so the wood, it's plum tree wood that's been off the tree for about 16 months now, I gave it a good soak in boiling water and gave it a scrub once the water cooled and chucked it in, I read plum tree wood is aquarium safe and now that it's really water logged it hasn't softened up any but of course I could be way wrong haha but that's why we're here to learn

Now this is probably going to make me sounds like a crack pot but has anyone noticed any negative effect on there fish from using led lights? The only reason I ask is my golden sucker had been freaking out for a couple days now but my water was coming back fine, now my wife said in jest that the shimmer could be giving him war flashbacks, well I thought what the hell and turned em off and didn't use them at all yesterday and now he is just calmly grazing again it's really odd

Not much going with the plants but it has only been 2 days haha I don't know if it's just excitement but I swear the Val is longer and the swords seem to be reaching for the light and have new root growth

The plane has really grown on me and the Goldie's have started to use it to swim through an I hope when I get my white clouds in a couple weeks they will use it to to zoom around and play

The castles Iv been thinking of just moving them out and putting them in 1g nano I'm going to start soonish for a betta and turning them into little hobbit homes or something

Once again thanks for the comments, cheers

xjasminex 01-27-2013 12:05 AM

Just FYI, as a owner of two fantail goldfish too. Your wood looks dangerous, lol. Fantails are clumsy and they maybe small now and able to navigate their bodies around the wood now but soon they will get bigger and they may hurt themselves running into it, including torn fins, missing scales or lose their eyeballs! =o Also if you by chance have a male and a female when they become of spawning age the male will get pushy and push the female into the wood and or anything else and if its sharp it can hurt her.

I'm not dissing your wood, I think it's pretty rad actually but I just wanted to let you know that it may be so good with your goldies!

the.koi.maiden 01-27-2013 06:54 AM

Glad to see other people are attempting planted tanks and goldfish. I've had success when I introduced them to plants early. They don't seem to see the as food but just parts of the tank.

I do agree with Jasmine about the wood. It looks great. I would love it in a tropical setup (love the root look), but I can see problems down the road. Goldfish are clumsy. After watching them for years I am very careful with what I put in the tank. The pointy bits on your wood look like they could do serious damage if a goldfish ran into them. I'm not knocking you wood (lol pun intended), I'm just trying to point out that it might be a problem on down the road and help you avoid any losses.

finsNfur 01-28-2013 07:00 PM

Nice! I have to admit I was worrying about the wood injuring the goldfish, too. Sorry to be such a downer. Also, you won't need to worry about this right now, but when your goldies get bigger they might try to snack on the white clouds. Oh, I just remembered that some people are really adamant about not putting decorations that are hollow in with goldfish. They can really accumulate waste etc., you'd want to regular clean the plane out.

Grizzarian 01-29-2013 07:24 AM

New 40g lightly planted Goldfish tank
Hmm I have been paying some closer attention to the Goldie's and they are kinda clumsy lmao, so is it just the pointy bits that are the problem? Or when they grow up most things will need to come out just incase it can cause injury?

I really don't want the little guys to get hurt and would prefer to take em back to the store and have the tank I want with fish that suit it, the few that have seen it in person have been awed buy it and having a nice sized school of some kind of tetra instead my be the way to go, Congo tetras or Buenos Aries tetras look pretty and seem to be pretty forgiving

I went to hunt for some driftwood today, we had a river flood winter 2011 and a lot of driftwood ended up high on the bank were regular tides don't reach
As long as its hardwood, scrubbed and soaked this wood is good to use right?

So many things running around I'm my head lmao if only I had another tank hahaha

I took the background off too just to see if I like it, which I do I just have to hide all the cords

As for the hollow ornament everytime I do a water change, about every 5 days I make sure to suck out of there while vacuuming and when filling back up the hose sits in the cockpit area to give it a good wash out

Thanks for the comments guys and gals and don't feel like your harshing on my good times, I think I jumped the gun abit with the Goldie's they were just so cute haha but what I want for a scape and what I want in livestock are not matching up at the moment so I need to rectify that asap

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