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AquaStudent 01-24-2013 03:27 AM

Help Me Pick a Photo!
I am entering into a photography competition on another forum and was hoping to get all of your inputs on what photo to enter. I've narrowed it down to 8 from a couple of hundred. Some I like for creativity and other for quality.

I would love to get your feedback on the photos too. The competition does not allow any editing other than cropping. The photos definitely could use some modifications but because it's not allowed for the competition I am not doing that at this time :/

Please vote in the attached poll and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, ideas or constructive (or destructive:)) Criticism. Thanks so much!

This is the outline of the competition:
Details of the comp:
Open African Cichlid shot from either of the 3 lakes.

What we want:
1 Picture which includes : African Cichlid Fish.

* The fish on the picture need to be from either of these locations Lake Malawi, Lake Victorian or Lake Tanganyika or a mixture of the 3 locations.
* The picture must be taken by yourself and it has to be your tank.
* The picture is not allowed to be edited. NO PHOTOSHOP. Only cropping is allowed.
* All camera platforms allowed!
* Only entries from active members will be accepted (Join the forum and contribute to the forum before you enter a picture and continue to be active)
* anyone found not abiding by the rules will be disqualified.

Creativity / originality will be appreciated by the voters

How long do you have to get you entry in:
You have until Saturday 26/01/13 10pm GMT London UK time.

Here are the photos.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Nubster 01-24-2013 04:24 AM

Honestly none really jumped out at me but I voted #1 because the colors are vibrant. Maybe it helps to be a cichlid fan to appreciate them but I'm not, so....

I will say I kinda like #8 too...I just wish there was a bit more color. If the #1 fish was in the #8 photo...that might be something.

orchidman 01-25-2013 05:05 PM

Definitely #1. It is the most striking, the others don't quite pop off the screen.

driftwoodhunter 01-25-2013 05:31 PM

What I don't like about #1 is the shadowy diagonal line (I think it's a cord?) It draws my eye & I can't "not" see it.
However I love being able to clearly see the gill texture in #3, they echo the stripes on the fishes body - I thought that was cool and I never saw that before.
#8 is also one of my favorites - I like the strong rock diagonals "pushing" the fish front and center making it the clear focal point. The focus seems sharper on #8 than #3 too, but I still can't decide between the two of them!

In the end, I voted for #8...

AquaStudent 01-25-2013 07:59 PM

The black stripe in #1 was the cord of the heater I had in my growout tank. I wish I had the black background on so that wouldn't even be an issue.

Gah it's so tough choosing between these photos. I'm not sure how closely people look at these when they vote which makes me think going with vibrant colors is better than complexity but it's such a tough choice.

I really like #8 too.

I think the next competition topic will be getting a photo with the fish's mouth wide open. They don't want repeat entries so I also want to make sure that I have a good photo if that one comes around (or just try and take or the other).

Thanks guys!

Thanks so much for your input

Acro 01-25-2013 09:29 PM

I dig the photos!
However, I want to point out something.
Creativity / originality will be appreciated by the voters
Your pictures are very well done, but everyone is going to take photos like that. They could be in a Chiclid photo ID book.
I am on a fourm that often has fish photo contests (for fun) and it's always the people who have action shots that normally win. For example, feeding shots, digging, mating displays, interactin with fry, fighting against a mirror, interaction with the owner, and things like that. Also, winners often show some of the aquarium and not just a close up of the fish. You may also choose to try different angles. For example, shoot from a below angle. Try shooting fish from the top, maybe swimming in an "S" curve or caught in some other interesting formation.
Your photos are very good, but it's been seen before. They pointed out that they want to see "Creativity and originality". Show them something they don't see very often and you put yourself ahead of the game!

These are just some ideas. Take 'em or leave 'em and Good Luck! :D

PS, your subjects are amazing!

Aqualady 01-25-2013 10:22 PM

I voted for #1 just because of its color

AquaStudent 01-25-2013 11:01 PM

Thanks for the input guys. I completely agree that the photo's aren't very "creative." I have tried to do a feeding shots and digging shots but I haven't gotten a good one yet. That's one of my glory shots I'd love to land :D

These are the ones that I've been able to get.

driftwoodhunter 01-25-2013 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by xmas_one (Post 2349418)
I think they would be much better if you include the entire fish. Other than that, I like 3 and 8.

Or just the opposite. An abstracted close up can be quite exciting!

Acro 01-26-2013 12:20 AM

I dig #2, looks like he's gunna bite me!

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