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scapegoat 01-22-2013 02:06 PM

Open Source Aquatics

Hey crew!

So there was some discussion over in the DIY arduino touchscreen thread that sort of got the hamster in my brain jogging along.

From my experience, there hasnt been much in the way of a central knowledge base of DIY experiments, both successful, and not!

LED build information is all over the place, where do you begin?

Want to code an arduino? me too! what hardware do I need? where are working code examples? does anyone want to work on that code together?!?

What the heck is a co2 reactor and what are the differences between the various types?

And can I use a sump for my freshwater tank? what do you mean use the search function?!? I cant find the information...

that's where I'm hoping this site comes in! It's designed as a wiki, to allow open editing of ideas and plans, with revision control to see how things have progressed.

There are so many intelligent people out there working on their aquariums, designing, developing, and, ultimately, sharing. But it ends up difficult to digest some of that info in a forum layout.

I bid anyone welcome to sign up and start adding in their own content. this is a website for the community to share that knowledge. And linking out is perfectly acceptable, I just ask that you link back in. IE: you've made a blog post on your own website that would fit the bill here perfectly, copy over that content, link out to your site, but please link back to open source aquatics.

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