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Bustedbones 01-21-2013 07:35 PM

125G substrate change. Ecocomplete & Stratum
Hey everyone,
So this is my first post on here. Ive used this forum alot for researching many projects I habr done.
So I have a 125 gallon freshwater planted with playsand substrate and fluval fx5.
Ive been dosing with flourish products and I have a DIY Co2 injection, also homemade canopy with T8 and T12 lights. All bulbs are the proper kelvin for freshwater plant growth. I have about 3 watt per gallon or more.
Ive had this set up for around 3 years now and the plants just are not doing as good as theh were when i first set up the tank.
Ive decided im going to overhaul the substrate after work today.
Remove all fish and water, place into seperate tank. Remove all playsand and replace with new substrate. Then plant and return water and fish.
I want a black substrate so I picked up 120 lbs of Eco complete and the kid at the LFS said to add in some Fluval Stratum also so you get the nutrients from that substrate.
So sitting on my couch at home I have 50lbs of Stratum.
LFS employee said to add stratum as base layer then cap it with eco complete.
Total i will have 170lbs of substrate in there..
Is this a good idea to cap the stratum or put stratum over eco complete or just use one or the other.
Whats your take on this?

Bustedbones 01-22-2013 02:37 PM

Ok well I ended up just going with Eco Complete.

I figure this will last longer, wont break down, and will hold down the plants a little better than the lighter Stratum substrate.
I was worried about my eels burrowing and uprooting plants everyday.

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