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Blackheart 01-21-2013 01:41 AM

56 gallon column tank
So I figured I'd start up one of these, just so I can get your guys opinion on my tank and see if I'm doing anything right? Lol. Marineland's 56 gallon column tank. And my first attempt at a planted tank.

I got this tank in November around black friday for a sweet deal. 209 bucks.

Plants I have in there so far are:
Crypt Wendtii Bronze
Crypt Wendtii Green
Rotala Indica
Rotala Roundifolia (there's not a lot, one little tiny plant)
Jungle Vals

Not the best selection of plants, but I kinda had to work with what my local retailer stores have as the LFS around here have no plant selection whatsoever. I kinda wanted to keep it simple, though, and just let them grow. Not into messing with things too much.

Among other things I also have 7 White Clouds in there. (the golden variety.) Substrate is Carib Sea Floramax, capped with Eco complete on top.

Suggestions? How am I doing?

Blackheart 01-21-2013 02:13 AM

I also wanted to post a few pics of how much this tank has changed and the progress I feel I kinda made into making it look better.

Here is the way it looked at first... yikes. My idea was to just have a few plants and not anything really to try to hard with. But once I got the plants I was kinda hooked :icon_eek:

Here's how it looked afterwards.... Added more plants. A bunch of swords and crypts.


After that, I pretty much tore everything down. And restarted. A more simple look. Which I was really digging, despite all the crypts pretty much melting.

And after this... tore it down again, and added all the Floramax, and eco complete on top. I got a whole bunch of this stuff without having to really spend any of my own money on it, since it was right after christmas and got a whole bunch of gift cards. win win!

Here's a picture of all the fun I had while tearing everything down, and having to drain the water down entirely.. BY HAND. :icon_eek: with a bucket! that was the biggest pain... ever... seriously lol but glad as the crypts after that really took off, so it as worth it!

fusiongt 01-21-2013 03:21 AM

It's a good start but to me the plants are so short that it's not the focus of the tank. Instead the focus is on that filter/pump in the middle. Your substrate is also pretty low considering how tall the tank is - you may want to add a few extra inches at the back and then slope it down forward so the front is just a few inches tall (that's a typical way to aquascape). You could add some giant hair grass in the back as those plants could grow as tall as the tank so it doesn't look so empty.

GMYukonon24s 01-22-2013 01:08 PM

I agree with fusiongt about adding taller plants in the back.

Blackheart 02-03-2013 11:12 PM

So I just wanted to see if I'm moving forward or not with rescaping this tank a little.

I found this pretty sweet piece of driftwood. And I took out the Jungle Val as I didn't feel like it flowed right and enjoy the Rotala Indica a lot in the background.

They say supposedly it's good to have a, "plan." Well what I'm thinking is, using Rotala Indica in the backround and letting it just grow wild all the way to the top, lots of Ludwigia, probably repens in the midground, a patch of crypts over on the right by the driftwood, and a carpet in front possibly of dwarf sag.

I have Anubias congensis on the driftwood there... but I'm not really digging it.... Might just try regular Anubias nana, or java moss. moss might be better because I'm planning on making this into a cherry shrimp tank with them and some other snails probably being the only inhabitants.

I'm planning on also switching out that bulky Fluval U4 filter and buying a good canister filter, as well.

Blackheart 02-04-2013 02:08 AM

Uhhh, anybody? tap tap. Is this thing on?

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